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Hard kosher salami


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I've always enjoyed kosher salami, both hard and (?)regular. Recently, I've bought several hard salamis and, as tasty as they are, it's a frustrating experience.

How do you get the wrapping off? I spend a long time struggling, I hack up the salami a little bit and when I've had enough, I eat more plastic than I'd care to admit.

I think putting it in the refrigerator for a day helps. After I struggled to get enough wrapper off to eat a few slices of one particular salami, I threw the balance in the fridge. The wrapper came off relatively easily the next day.

That was a medium hard and my current full-hard salami was difficult to peel even after a day in the fridge.

For those who may not be familiar: I'm dealing with a Vienna brand beef salami. Other brands I've seen include Best and Hebrew National. When you buy a whole salami, there's an outer wrapper. Inside that wrapper is a string. You hang the salami. When it's dried out to your tastes, you remove the inner wrapper and enjoy. Would that it were so simple.

I've tried to dry them myself, but I don't have enough patience. I cave after just a couple weeks.

So, what's the deal? Is there a trick? Or, am I just inept?6028733_f093686d71_z1.jpg

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