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Ottawa Recs


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We're going to Ottawa (from Toronto) for a quick date weekend. Will arrive Saturday afternoon and leave early Monday morning. Here's what we're looking for:

1. A memorable/special dinner; this could be "fine dining," but interesting, thoughtful, well prepared food is most important. I have a slight preference for casual dress, mostly because it's so cold. So far, the options are:

-Murray St.




2. A very casual dinner in a comfortable atmosphere, with great food. The options are:

-Chez Lucien

-Wellington Gastropub

-Sweet Basil

3. The best gelato we can find. We'll try to visit 2-4 places. (I'm on an ongoing informal gelato "tour" of everywhere I go). I'll also consider really great ice cream. Options:


-Piccolo Grande

-Maison Chalouin

4. Light breakfast/lunch/snack places. We both love food and will eat anything, but we're not heavy eaters. We need to supplement the dinners and gelato with light fare. Options:

-French Baker (for croissants)

-Benny's Bistro (breakfast)

5. Good Coffee (espresso). I'm not having much luck with this.

6. Nice, casual pubs and bars.

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For a special dinner: Baccara (maybe also Beckta)

For a more casual dinner: Les Fougères (nice setting, relaxed athmosphere), or maybe Domus. Les Fougères also have a nice brunch on Sunday's (try their duck confit).

For a light lunch: Nicastro's Bottega - on the Market (a few tables, good food but a bit noisy; great sandwiches for take out; take a look at their selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars - some really good deals. Or Lapointe's - also on the market- (nice fresh fish)

Chaloin: for memorable chocolates

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