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Rec. Glasgow -> Mallaig

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I'm going to be driving from Glasgow to Mallaig at the end of the month and need a lunch stop. Unkind friends have suggested I just drive through at high speed, munching energy bars (whatever they are) as any attempt to stop may involve fried gristle pies.

Surely it can't be that bad. It's not like I'm after foie 'n' foams just anice spot of lunch. Any suggestions?

Tim Hayward

"Anyone who wants to write about food would do well to stay away from

similes and metaphors, because if you're not careful, expressions like

'light as a feather' make their way into your sentences and then where are you?"

Nora Ephron

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You could always detour to Oban and go to the seafood shack on the pier--the last time I was there I had a great prawn sandwich and my mate had some beautifully fresh scallops. Definitely worth a look.

There's a website here which suggests that since my visit they have another more permanent venue as well as the shack.

(I can't quite work out when it's open though.)


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For a great meal, stop off at the original Loch Fyne, just before Inverary. This is far superior to the chain and is stil in local/original ownership. A stunning spot on the banks of the loch you can sit in the whitewashed, converted cow byres eating mussels and oysters pulled out of the Loch about 20ft away. It also has a good fish counter, so if you are off on a self-catering trip you can have your first nights dinner sorted easily.

Fora quick snack spot I recommend the Green Welly Stop in Tyndrum, an endearing variation on a service station at the crossroads of two major highland roads it has a restaurant with lots of good homecooked options. Very good homemade soups and cakes - also recommended by Peter Irvine.

Spank - the Seafood Temple in Oban is only open certain evenings so not a lunchtime option but the green "hut" on the pier (next to the CalMac terminal) does indeed do a cracking range of prawn or crab sandwiches. There are also two resturants on the other side of the seafront, Eeusk, does very good seafood and has a sister restaurant doing Pizza/Pasta.

Finally in Oban there is Norries fish & chip shop - third generation of owners and recommended by Rick Stein in his food heroes series. To break a journey by a quick walk on the seafront watching the ferries heading out to Mull and scoffing hot fish & chips will give you a lift after a long drive

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