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  1. We want cunts sucking up to Egullet mods of course, why else do we all read this shite?
  2. One guy has already been told, on camera that there's a job there if he wants it.
  3. That firghtening thought never occurred to me!
  4. Mr Marshall has summed it up perfectly, the current seasons Michelin obsession is no doubt based on someone in productions idea that Michelin is a peg on which to hang culinary aspirations, Michelin and 'The Critics' seem to be what every cookery based show revolves around recently. Don't forget, the little gimps in the Masterchef kitchen are responding to to all manner of prompts, questions and direct feeds when they come out with the 4 second sound bites we hear. I've given up even noticing the amount of times I hear a producer at work, say to a contributor in response to a reply that doesn'
  5. If you can wait till Mallaig, there's a fantastic little shed on the dock selling pretty good shellfish etc, pack yourself a couple of Ginsters and get your foot down is probably the best bet.
  6. It seems they didn't get many applicants for the show this time round, not that surprising given the time demands.
  7. I can't put it off any longer, and as the only alternative this after noon is the washing up, I'll make a start with the write ups now. I'll do this chronologically, and start with Northcote first, though I'm well aware, as some pedant will no doubt point out, it isn't in the Lake District! We had booked a 'Gourmet Break' basically a decent room (got a free upgrade to a superior as the deluxe rooms were being refurbed) and five course dinner for two for £250. The room was pretty good, and the food was a real surprise, much much better than we were anticipating both from Nigels reputation (thou
  8. I always forget about Sous le Nez, it's been a while since we've been, I remember the meat and the cheese were particularly good, but some of the starters were a bit dodgy, heavy on the microwave.
  9. Indeed it has, we were there the day they learned of their award, I'm never keen on watching the staff get pissed but I suppose that day they deserved it. We're just back from a particularly spectacular week of Lakeland eating, we had three amazing meals (Northcote, Hipping Hall and the second night at Gilpin), one pretty good meal (though not pub of the year standard) at The Punchbowl and one pretty poor meal (first night at Gilpin) Reports will surely follow, when I've cooked and digested the lamb Karhi which is currently simmering on the hob.
  10. ← Added after my question smart arse
  11. I'm not sure why knowing the background of the contestants matters so much, they can either cook or they can't........ One guy the other night said something like 'i want my own restaurant, Michelin stars, fame and glory' Well, learning to cook would be a good start.
  12. As far as Mockney market traders go, Greg has to be right up there in the top 50. Roux makes the show more watchable than it has ever been, and it is amusing (as someone else alluded) to watch him sum up a dish and then listen to Greg verbally stumble around like a mechanical rodeo bull. As far as the Hairy Bakers (or Bikers) go, infantile isn't the first word that springs to mind when I watch them, now I've got over the fact that only one of them can cook, while the other hangs on his mates (boyfriends?) coat tails, they're both able presenters who whilst, admittedly commiting the ultimate cr
  13. Funnily enough we are! Oooh are you staying in one of the garden suites? Stayed in one a couple of years ago and had a memorable night in one of the hot tubs in a howling gale! ←
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