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Gai Pad Grapow

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Whilst there is nothing wrong with this recipe, it seems like a dumbed down version. It lacks the strong flavour of the real thing. The colour is also a lot lighter and there seems to be a little more sauce. The Gai pad Grapow a Thai lady made was very dark and the sauce was somewhat thick with what I assume was the pounded shallots+garlic+chilli combo.

The recipe I used

I tried it again with more shallots,garlic and fish sauce . That helped but it's still not right! The recipe is very tasty but ....

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I had no problem opening the link to the recipe. Sometimes if I do, I right-click with my mouse on the link and choose >Open.

I agree with jmolinari, the difference seems to be in the sauce. Your recipe calls for oyster sauce, which is mild, salty, and sweet. Black soy sauce, which is also sweet-ish, packs more punch and color.

I love this recipe for Basil Chicken. It's from my Thai cooking teacher, Kasma Loha-Unchit. I've made it a bunch of times. http://www.thaifoodandtravel.com/recipes/baschi.html

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