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  1. I am just getting over my aversion towards apples. My first trip anywhere was to Hong Kong when I was 8 years old. My younger brother and I were given $10 US, by our dad, to buy apples below the hotel and, not knowing the conversion rates or how much a kilo amounted to, we spent the whole $10. Guess what, our meals in Hong Kong consisted of those apples. We missed out on the dim sums, duck rice and hainese chicken.
  2. I have "La Dalia" Jose Ma Hernandez,S.L with a DO and "Syren"from Verdu Canto Saffron, Alicante Spain. I just purchased the La Dalia picante but I prefer the Syren brand.
  3. Fugu

    Shin of beef

    I like beef shanks braised it in dark soya sauce, mirin, star anise, onion, garlic and ginger. Adjust seasonning and sweetness of sauce(more sugar or more mirin) Serve with hofun noodles or steamed rice.
  4. Fugu

    Smoke Liquid

    Yes, it's the same as smoked paprika. I use it to make chorizo patties.
  5. Fugu

    Smoke Liquid

    Or try using Spanish pimenton in your marinades.
  6. Fugu

    Pigs' Head

    Try making sizzling sisig, a regional Filipino specialty. Great with beer. Lots of sisig recipes online.
  7. Turn the octupus' head inside out to clean and then stuff the tentacles inside the head. Wrap in a muslin and poach in stock until tender. Put a weight on the octopus to compress. Allow to set overnight and slice like a terrine. Serve with favorite vinaigrette. The natural gelatine on the octopus' skin will keep it together. I don't know if it will work with frozen?
  8. I cook basmati rice similar to rice pilaf. Basamati rice is sauteed in ghee and your preferred aromatics. The ghee helps keeps the grains separate. Add your stock or water, use 2:1 ratio of stock or water to rice. Bring it to a boil on the stove, cover and then bake at 300 degrees for 30 minutes...
  9. Fugu


    Watch out for Naproxen, Naprosin, Naprosen sodium, they're all contributors to my failed kidney functions. Aleve's key ingredient is Naproxin.
  10. Noticed that some soya sauce labels contain some form of caramelized sugars for colouring. It has been several months since the first posting. Just curious how everyone's aged, finished products compare, in terms of taste and colour, with something like kikkoman's soya sauce. Great thread.
  11. Fugu


    Ive had gout ever since I was 12 years old. It used to be just my toes that got gout. I was on everything from allopurinol, colcicine and indomethacin. As time progressed, the frequency and duration of the attacks increased. The joint areas where I got an attack also changed. Sometimes I got the attacks on my shoulders, elbows, both knees, my hands and fingers. Eventually, I went into surgery to remove a huge uric acid ball that was preventing my hand from openning and restricting its function. With gout attacks that last more than a month, I got cortisone shots right at the joints. Now that my kidneys have failed, from having been over medicated with all the NSAIDs(non steroidal anti inflamatory drugs) on the market, I am now on prednisone. I am only allowed 1 litre of fluid intake per day. Be carefull of those over the counter drugs like advil and aleve. They may offer you some pain relief but your kidneys are at risk.
  12. Pacific NW has plenty of salmonid species, spot prawns and halibut.
  13. Most of these items I mentioned can be found at asian grocery stores. The dried leaf fish and dried baby squid are all sold together in one section. Photos? I tried uploading some photos before and had problems so I never tried again. Edited: to clean up my quoting mess.
  14. For added textured garnish: Fish Bone crackers(smaller fishes), Crispy fried paper thin dried fish(baby sardine leaf?), Crispy fried dried squid(small ones), different shaped fried wonton, small bundles of fried noodles, marsh crabs. Tofu can be cut into shape to be used as a base or garnish for other proteins. Taro chips, lotus chips, vegetable or hebs in tempura(sage leaves are great). For Colour: Fresh bamboo shoots(even the leaves as a serving vessel), red, yellow and green wasabi tobiko, shiso leaf. Brunoise of purple yam and orange yams. You mentioned sweet potato leaves, there are green and purple varieties. Maple leaves are a common garnish for added colour as well. Edited to add: Not all of these items I mentioned are Chinese though but a crossover fusion.
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