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Found 513 results

  1. I have been trying to find a recipe and hardware for home brewed ginger ale. Most if not all of the stores in the Tampa area are geared toward beer making, but don't have any info on ginger ale or root beer. I've used a recipe that calls for yeast, honey, water, lemon juice and about 1/2 cup of finely grated ginger which will ferment within24 hours in a 2 liter plastic bottle and does a fairly decent job. But I'm looking for a little bit more of a professional setup. Any ideas?
  2. Several of us over at the eG Forumshave tried making the standard wheat pasta listed on volume 3 and have found the dough to be much too firm to use with rollers. Was this dough specifically designed for an extruder? If so, how would you modify it to work with a roller? I think most of us have simply added more water to get to a workable texture, but of course you could add more egg or oil as well.
  3. Rabbit casse­role sous-vide!!! Rabbit seems to be the black beast of mol­e­c­u­lar cook­ing!! every­body online seems to let you know that you get mushy tex­ture if cook for to long ? Can‚’t find water bath timetable and temperature table guidance online for that won­der­full piece of meat ”le lapin”. Any advice from you guys on how to get it tex­tureright ? I am plan­ning to do my mother’s recipe "le lapin, moutarde and mushroom casserole‚" Is it dangerous to cook mushrooms or cream below 70°c for long hours ? Many thanks
  4. I recently made the bacon jam to pair with a smoked french toast I made. I didn't bother adding coloring to the jam, but it turned out great. Very different from a more traditional bacon jam, but it worked well. Nice and sweet/savory combo in a rich creamy egg base. A hit overall.
  5. I made some of the house-cured bacon a while back and really love the recipe. One of the more porky bacons I have ever had which is great. I find that most bacon cures cover up the pork flavor rather than accentuating it. I didn't follow the recipe exactly, I cured for 9 days because my belly was so thick. Also, I cold smoked the pork, did not use the sodium erythorbate and used boneless belly. Next time I plan on experimenting with the base formula to change the flavor profile a little and make a sweet/savory style of bacon. Also, I really want to get a bone in belly, bacon ribs sound amazing!
  6. Okay, so yesterday my husband and I spent a fruitful afternoon canning tomatoes and learning the ropes (so to speak)of pressure canning. Now we're wondering, what did we do wrong, and did we just waste 20 lb. of plum tomatoes? Here's what we did: We packed raw tomatoes into one-litre jars, added the recommended amount of lemon juice, filled the jars with boiling water, sealed them, then processed them for 1.5 hr. I think that's an extraordinarily long processing time, but according to Modernist Cuisine, it's a fail-safe to ensure that everything reaches optimal temperature for killing any possible toxins. The instruction book that came with our pressure canner recommends 10 minutes at 10 lb. pressure. Here's what we got: Bottles are only about 3/4 full, and there's evidence of leakage into the canner. After they came out of the pressure canner, the tomatoes were floating near the top of the jars, but have since settled to the bottom. The liquid and tomatoes fill only about 3/4 of the jars. They've also discoloured, indicating, to me at least, that they're seriously overcooked. Okay, so I know that we didn't pack the tomatoes tightly enough. I have another case of tomatoes to can today, so will address that problem. What I need to know is, are the ones we've already canned safe to eat? Or is the air space likely to harbour any nasties, and should we just discard them?
  7. A stupid question. The recipe for Potato Salad and Flourless Gnocchi call first to cook the potatoes sous-vide. You're supposed to vacuum seal the potatoes for sous-vide cooking correct? I ask because other recipes have had the vacuum sealing as a step before sous-vide so I wanted to verify. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for putting up this forum :-) I would like to bake using a combination of sous vide and a conventional oven. Would it be possible to put the dough in a vacuum bag cook it sous vide at 37C for the dough to raise optimal and then put it in a conventional oven? Thanks
  9. Has anyone had any experience with Sigma Aldrich? One reader wrote in to ask: "I want to purchase the xanthan gum and other ingredients and the easiest supplier I can find (based in India) is Sigma Aldrich. Their products are for tissue culture use. What is the difference between lab grade and food industry grade gums (including other gelling agents like alginate or carrageenan). Is it safe to use sigma aldrich products in food?"
  10. Who has tried this? I've tried it twice and both times I've ended up mojito jelly, not spheres. I even have the benefit of being able to ask coauthor Maxime Bilet for tips...only to have him finally tell me it must have been some user error. I should have taken pictures, but, well, I was kind of embarrassed! I promise that next time I try them--and there will be a next time!--I'll take pics and post them here no matter the outcome. If you did finally get spheres, I envy you. But, I am also curious to know how you served them. As Max noted on eGullet a couple months ago, they don't actually serve them in a cocktail glass at the cooking lab. The photo of the sphere in the glass in the book is purely to demonstrate the fizziness. So, how did you give them to your guests?
  11. In the recipe for the marinated pork loin in volume 5 you marinate for 48 hours. If i was to use a vacuum marinator (which i purchased after reading MC) how long will i need to put it in for? The vacuum marinator that i purchased uses the Grovac process (salt and citric acid) to remove bacteria from the food as well. Can you recommend the quantity of salt and honey powder marinade to add to this machine. Normally i buy marinades already made up from Creative Culinary Solutions. I hope you can help.
  12. On Cooking with ”˜Modernist Cuisine‚’ on eGul­let, there are tips related to curing, and what happens to the meat if it's been over-cured.
  13. I tried making this the other day. I don't have a vacuum sealer, so I just used a ziplock bag. While I tried to get most of the air out of it, the bag shifted in the refrigerator, and all of the liquid that was sucked out of the fish fell into the opposite corner of where the fish was. As the corner with the liquid was actually hanging down, I was afraid that some of the cure had dripped down, and therefore, there was not enough cure on my salmon any more. As Maxime Bilet said on eGullet, you don't cook the salmon or anything after it's cured, and since it looks completely raw, I sort of freaked out and tossed it. This was my first time curing fish, so maybe it could have been fine, but better safe than sorry. By the way, people will give you really weird looks if you accidentally tell them that you are planning on making "salmon-cured grapefruit." Even if they are chefs who worked on MC, though perhaps this was because when discussing what to do with leftover cheese water I had jokingly suggested ice cubes...yeah, I don't WHAT they must think of me.
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