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  1. Some of the recipes in Modernist Cuisine call for Protanal Ester BV 4830, which is propylene glycol alginate. Modernist Pantry can supply propylene glycol alginate, but do not specify the FMC BioPolymer brand. Has anyone tried any recipes, such as the 'ultrastable beurre blanc', using a generic propylene glycol alginate instead of the FMC BioPolymer brand? Would this work?
  2. I decided to give the Osso Buco Milanese out of Volume 5 a shot. It turned out delicious in the end, but in retrospect I did have a few questions after making the dish: 1. Is the marrow from the braised veal foreshank to be used for the marrow custard, or is it better to use marrow from new bones? I used both, and it was delicious, but the instructions were not clear to me. It makes sense in my mind that you wouldn't want to use the marrow from the braised shank, but I didn't want to waste any... 2. For the Gremolata Crisp, the recipe specifies to leave rice "specks" in the batter, as well as coarsely ground black peppercorn. I was able to do this, although the ISI Whip manual specifies to strain everything before creaming to prevent particulates from occluding the exit port. Indeed, this did happen to me and I was only able to dispense the foam by repeatedly actuating the valve. Did I just leave the particles too coarse, or did I miss something else? Thanks!
  3. Has anybody tried making a dark roux in a pressure cooker? Can this be done without scortching do you think? I have made roux in the oven before and started wondering about this topic.
  4. nextguy

    Black Garlic

    Hi all I was wondering if any of you think it would be feasible to make black garlic in a temp controlled water bath? I understand from reading an article on ehow that you need to pack the garlic loosely in a jar and heat them for 40 days at 140 degrees and that the garlic should remain humid. I was thinking of putting them in a sealed bag (not vacuumed) and then floating it on a 140 degree water bath for 40 days.
  5. Sharp has introduced several models of consumer counter-top steam ovens that combine pure steam (low temperature and high temperature) with microwave and convection capabilities. They also have a feature called "super steam" where they claim steam temperatures aboe 100C (upto 300C). Examples include AX1200, AX1300 and AX1500 available in different countries. In addition there is a considerably cheaper AX1100 model that has pure steam and microwave without the said "super steam" capability. The super steam feature (except in AX1100) is supposed to enable steam frying of French fries and other items. Any experience with these
  6. Going to Toronto at the end of the month I was wondering if somebody had a recommendation for great restaurants. Thanks
  7. In some of the other posts most particularly one on homemade ginger beer they talk about different carbonation techniques. My personal belief is that there is good cooking and that there is new cooking and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. A new taste sensation when you have nothing to compare it to can be hard to beat. Once you've tried a few things in the same vein I then can build up the basis of comparison and get more discriminating. Carbonation is one of these things the marrying of cranberries with carbonation is magical. Okay done now what else can we do? To that and after seeing an article in the ginger beer at home posting I bought a Fizz Giz. I like what the guy had to say and the lack of malarkey on his website. And I just didn't feel like building something. The question is what to do with it now it might be fun to do something special such as carbonated hard liquor for New Year's Eve. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. I recently bought a 0,5L siphon to try (amongst other things) making some foams. My first two attempts sadly have failed. This is my last attempt: 1) Two sheets of gelatine soaked in cold water for 5-10 mins 2) 0,25L Monin raspberry syrup heated 3) I add the gelatine to the syrup while stirring and it quickly dissolves. 4) I then let the syrup sit until it gets to room temperature. 5) When at room temperature, I add the syrup to the siphon, close it, and load it with two chargers, shaking vigorously after each charge. 6) I then put the siphon on it's side lying in the fridge for about 5-6 hours. When it came time to test the foam, nothing but gas would come out of the siphon. When I opened the siphon, the syrup had turned into a quite firm gel covered by what looked like a thin layer of foam. I have a few theories about what could have gone wrong, but I'd like your opinion and advice as well, before my next attempt. After two failures, I need a success My theories: 1) Too little syrup (0,25L for a 0,5L siphon) / roo few chargers. Maybe the pressure in the siphon was not high enough to push the gas into the syrup? Could more chargers have helped, or should I get a 0,25L siphon? (I would rarely be making foams from 0,5L fluid) 2) Should have shaked the siphon just before trying to eject the foam. 3) Too much gelatine, making the gel too firm for the gas to push it out. 4) Should the siphon be stored upside-down in the fridge? At least then the gas not in the gel, would be pushing the gel out, instead of just ejecting all of the gas leaving me to scoop out the gel manually afterwards Any help will be much appreciated!
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