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  1. someone gave me a copy of that "turkey and the wolf" cookbook and it's pretty fun! not sure it's a necessary buy for anyone on this forum but if you know a....maybe 15-35 year old who's interested in food and wants something a little more colorful, i'd req! lots of fun sandwiches and sides done in a way that aren't too intimidating. so far i've made the chicken fried steak sandwich and a dish they call "mom's burnt tomatoes" which is sorta a tomato casserole thing. both were great albeit not reinventing the wheel too much but the writing/humor is A+. im guessing it's not new info to most regular cooks on the board but the chicken fried steak sandwich uses some of that chicken soup base stuff which is basically MSG+chicken seasoning...it works so well i kinda wanna throw it on a lotttt of stuff now
  2. sothebys is probably the best bet but maybe try contacting kitchen arts and letters in NYC? they have a rare book section i believe..
  3. not sure if they are strictly comparable but would yall req the breville/polyscience chamber vac or something like the vacmaster vp125?
  4. i'm not sure this is the right spot to ask this (in which case, admins feel free to delete or move) but does anyone have david sterling's yucatan cookbook, and if so, how do you like it?
  5. Re: astrance, the guys that run nowservingLA have said it’s out of print with no plans for further printing
  6. thanks so much for this! very informative
  7. please report back on both the bagels & schmears and korean american books if possible!
  8. sorry for my late reply but my facts/details are: -young dude building up cookware+kitchen equipment. for pots etc i really just have a good sized le creuset dutch oven and a 2qt sauce pan. i find the 2qt sauce pan to be...way too small? i dont really use it too much. ideally i think i'd have a 4qt and a 3qt sauce pan (or maybe saucier). definitely interested in buying slow in order to buy quality. i do have an induction top but in 2022 i'm not sure how much that throws things off for quality pans?
  9. sorry in advance for throwing this q in this thread but it seems like one of the more active threads so i figured i might get a solid answer faster here: i'm looking for a 4qt sauce pan or saucier....I was going to do all clad but the 4qt sauce pan is $$$$$$$...am i an idiot for considering the made in stuff? anyone have experience?
  10. Sorry to bump a thread that is dead but for those that own…would people recommend buying wd~50 ? I’m guessing I should snag modernist cooking at home or whatever it’s called first but something about Wylie appeals to me more on the surface.
  11. Not to be that guy but I’m thinking of getting back into using sous vide style cooking in 2022 but was curious if there’s a non chamber sealer people love? I used to use a food saver (?) brand one but found it really couldn’t deal with any liquid (somewhat understandable) in the bag. Maybe I just need to save up the ~1k for a chamber one idk?
  12. Sorry for the late reply: I'd say it is presented as a cookbook but it really just reads as recipes Hamilton would give to chefs in her kitchen? There's not a lot of hand holding and her personality (brusque?) comes through, but these are positives for me. I'd say this is a good cookbook for someone who's an intermediate home chef that's also a bit of a romantic. I'd probably recommend "taste and technique" over "prune" since there is a lot of "why" in T&T and almost none in "prune". Still, I'm enjoying "prune" a ton. Also helps that I got it for like 8 bucks on ebay ha
  13. not new but i just got both the state bird and prune cookbooks off ebay this week and am loving both. anyone get cheryl day's southern baking book and have thoughts?
  14. Anyone grab Virgilio Martinez's "The Latin Amercian Cookbook"? On paper, sounded good but it has a few really bad review marks on goodreads and I've just come to distrust most Phaidon published cookbooks tbh...
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