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  1. Although there is a lag time of the speed of light, open table shows time slots as "booking" as someone is filling them out( they have about 4 minutes to complete information, or get bumped out ). It then becomes a race between the hostess and the online guest to jump to the next slot
  2. I'd choose Parkside.................if it is this friday............. otherwise, maybe te HSG
  3. We can neither confirm or deny participation at this point but it should be interesting to see how Open Table online reservations work this year.
  4. OK, so basically I've got a big pot I could boil jars in for canning (minus the pressure) and that's it. Sounds like I better just toss it. As John mentioned, if I didn't miss for that long it's not a huge loss. And it was a hand-me-down in the first place. Thanks for everyone's suggestions. ← What are you doing out of bed....... ?? Get back in bed and grow that baby in your belly !!!!! What are you doing thinking about turkey. The only turkey you will be getting is the stuff the nurses bring you after you have your healthy baby !! ( and that ain't turkey........) Let me know where you are and I might bring you a turkey sandwich !! white bread, cranberry sauce, white meat and an extra sprinkling of salt.....yum
  5. I do not want to get off topic but I must say that even one farm creates a false sense of security when eating it. One sustainable farm does not bring it back from the brink, now it is just a "specialty" product for those lucky ( really wealthy )enough to get it.
  6. I do know that my supplier still sells the stuff, without any shame, I might add. I remember a few years back when they were selling it for so cheap, they were nearly giving it away. I subbed it in as cod for fish and chips..............this was when I was young and foolish.........I know better now...........oven baked is the way to go
  7. I used to have it but was shamed into taking it off by a regular who brought me a book on endangered seafoods etc. I have modified my menu in other ways, and as far as I know, am compliant with Oceanwise. It did not take much effort at all. Now if I could just wean my staff off of the baby panda stew that we have as staff meal every week..............before anyone gets all up in my face, we only use baby panda from the zoo, not the wild ones.
  8. Sean, you speak in riddles. Spell it out man. FWIW, I do not know what you mean.
  9. I have heard of vegetarians, but I did not think they really existed. You learn something new everyday.
  10. Claudia : it is all a big media hype. " The sky is falling, the sky is falling " : Chicken Little , May 1929
  11. You are a dirty bunch of people !!!! Where is Jamie Maw ? He was subtle at being dirty. You lot have soooo far to come ! I think I will have to go and bleach my eyeballs now.
  12. I just wish Andrew could type faster. As a professional writer, he sure is a fucking slow typist. I use the advanced two finger hunt and peck method and I can still kick his ass. I can't wait all fucking night to see what pearls of wisdom he is going to deliver.
  13. If you are looking for credibility amongst your readership, then multiple visits are needed. Although lots of arguments are going to be made about the average diner only having one shot at making an impression, you need to rise above that if you want to be taken seriously. You need a full picture of the establishment in question, and that takes more than one visit. Saturday night @ 7:30 gives you one view, Wednesday night at 9:00 gives you a completely different take. If you are serious in wanting to portray an accurate picture of someone's business that they put blood, sweat and tears into, this is the approach. You also need to detail this in your writing. You owe it to yourself, your readership and the establishment in question to have as much detail as you can get. If you write about a place in a positive light, and most people find it to be shit, you lose credibility. If you trash it, and most people love it, same as the above. If you have multiple visits and detail why you liked it or not, whether everybody agrees or not, you at least did your homework on the place and no one can come back at you for anything. oh, and do not call ahead and say you will be dining with establishment X and say that you need a comp meal etc. Make sure you have the budget in place for a couple of visits without relying on the establishment giving you free stuff. That just clouds the waters and puts your credibility in question. If you do not have the budget to visit a place a couple of times, then perhaps you should become a fashion mag or something other than a food magazine. If restaurants and food is going to be your stock in trade, make sure you have the $$$$ to do it properly without selling your soul for food for positive reveiws.
  14. See what being a smart ass gets me................ no party What do you mean out voted.......... is this a democracy ? I prefer enlightened dictatorship. Try it on for size and see how it works............ lol, funny that you say that Neil, i voted for HSG, and was the one who called this afternoon and talked to you asking whether or not you had a webpage that i could direct the young'ns to. unfortunately, i was out-voted... so Neil, you will NOT be seeing a group of 10 chuck-e-cheesers, arguing over how to split the bill and who gets to pay for the shared appies, this saturday night. boo hoo, i know. our party will instead be tormenting the staff at relish... ←
  15. Is there still a Chuck E Cheese by Loughheed Mall ?
  16. The Opus Hotel The Bar at Glowbal : afterglow The tasting bar at Lumiere Section 3
  17. reminds me of another classic in Yaletown....... All the chefs in Yaletown are shiny, happy people with the milk of human kindness flowing throught their veins. whatever classic in Yaletown you are reminded of must be the fictional "Godiva's". which is "closed" for good.
  18. I wanted to post a little message for those you who might have skimmed over another thread and sends out some thanks to some people who jumped in and helped out when there was a need. Here is the original thread. Clickety click At the end of the evening we managed to raise about $13,000. I have yet to do the final tabulating. Here is a list of the people in Vancouver on eGullet alone who helped make this happen. Even though organizing such an event in forum is not allowed, these people managed to find a way to make this happen, usually the old fashioned way.....email, telephone, smoke signals, secret handshakes. Here is a list ( in no order , just how I am remembering them. ) I will use their eGullet handle. nwyles Chef Fowke Irishgirl John Jameson TimK Transfattyacid Peppyre Mooshmouse Deborah Foodie in Vancouver Canucklehead BC in BC Andrew Morrison KTBear Barrett Annanstee Appreciator Keith Talent Daddy A Vancouver Lee KissMeKate Tinhead Chocolateer Chocoholic Kerry Beal Zucchini Mama Barolo LauraF SBonner Vancitygirl Wow, I had to go back and double check and I think I have missed someone. I am sorry to those people who might have been left off of the list. That is an impressive show of support from a "community" of people who only know Tina Bacon ( CanadianBakin' ) as a name on an online food forum. Over the last few weeks, Tina has put a face to the disease and the plight of so many. All of the above people have personal reasons as to why they did what they did and I want to thank them all for sharing in this very special event in some way. These people gave of their time, their talent, their organizing skills or, well, their money. There were lots of pictures of this event and all of the things that led up to it. I will leave that for others to post as I am just not good at getting the pictures to the right size !! Again, a heartfelt thank you from Neil Wyles to all of the people involved who helped make this amazing event happen. For those of you who think I have turned into an old softy.................. it's true. Neil
  19. some of the auction items are up on the www.rarevancouver.com website. These is lots that is not listed : back vintages of cool wines etc. the email is auction@rarevancouver.com closing time for email bids is 9:00 PST if you send an email later today, someone will send you a complete list of the other items we have up for bid. cheers Neil
  20. Just an FYI for those of you who did not know. The #5 restaurant on the list is Rare in Vancouver. It is owned and operated by Brian Fowke, who is Chef Fowke on eGullet. He is very pleased at the result. I told him to cool his jets as it was not the #5 best new restaurant in the WORLD, only Canada.
  21. As they should. One of the local Downtown papers had Tina as the front page and the conjoined twins as a secondary story. As a side note, Tina looks great. It is going to be a tough sell to get people to open their wallets at a silent auction for someone who looks so good. I am sourcing out a pegleg, an eye patch and a Captain Hook hook for Tina so we can drum up more $$$. The menu is set, but not in stone. We have the broad strokes ( eg: I am serving Blue Goose Organic Beef Tenderloin with Dungeness crab mashed. The vegetable is still up in the air as it will depend what I find on Granville Island on Sunday morning. We will see which shellfish looks the best and go with it as well as other fish. Sean Heather is bringing in some local cheeses as he is now the largest single cheese buyer ( restaurant, not retailer ) in the city. Colin Johnson from Parkside will see what comes off of the vegetable sellers cart before he decides what he is going to do. We know it is a ravioli, but the rest will be decided later. Not only will we be madly prepping on Sunday, but someone is going to have to print up the menus etc. for the evening on the spot.
  22. I just met with Brian Fowke ( Brian just won an Enroute " Best New Restaurant Award in Canada" as I was there !!!! ...............I told him Canada was not a big country so not to get a swelled head ) Things are heating up so much I thought my head was going to explode................................... then I had a beer and all was well. Another update Friday. Neil
  23. The local news has picked up this story and run with it. Tina Bacon is all over the place. TV, radio, newspapers..............you name it. For those of you who read this outside of our market, here is something else that has happened but Tina seems to be getting equall press. We just had the first conjoined twins ever born in BC born by C section today, and still Tina Bacon is all over the place. I had someone come up to me today and ask if this was a hoax as the list of circustances about Tina seemed to be too unreal to actually happen to a real person. I assured them that it was the real deal, and I thought they were going to cry. The dinner at Rare and egullet.org are mentioned quite a few times as well.
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