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  1. I am up to providing the venue as I am close enough to the other planned events of the evening. It would be nice to put some faces to the names of all the posts I have been reading. I am a little surprised to see how active Vancouver is on the EGULLET site and always interested and amused at what people are saying about all of the goings on in our fair city. Hopefully we can rally a large group to get together that night and have a good time meeting/eating/drinking and killing smoked snakes !! Neil
  2. Chef Fowke - I stumbled onto this site about a year ago and have not been an active member , just the occasional reader. Fill me in on the different levels on membership so I can be at the right level and know the secret handshake. I will pop down to Barbara - Jo's to see if she can fill me in on contact info on how to get in touch with Anthony Bourdain and/or his agent. Neil
  3. Where is it ? Has it opened yet ?
  4. I do not know where it is coming from but I did have a good laugh at the " food events " of this last month by Mr. Maw. Perhaps a new post can be started with the "events " of August as this is getting a little off topic of the Bourdain visit.
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