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  1. I have noticed over the past few years, with the ever growing number of cooking schools, that students have come strutting in, looking for the chef's job. I agree that they have to learn somewhere, but also need some realistic guidance on what to expect when they hit the job market. The higher price schools tell their students that they are ready for sous chef positions, when in reality, they are ready for prep cook positions. They are justifying they high price tag to the students and their parents. Not to toot anyone's horn, but Chef Tony at Northwest runs a school like I think I would run it. Lots of education, not such a high price when compared to the others and he keeps it real. The contact I have had with the graduates are prepared for what greets them when they are done.
  2. I also have been a few times. I really wanted to like it but it just failed a number of times. I did bring my concerns up to the Owner / Manager and he just blew me off with a dismissive wave of the hand. I did not get bent out of shape or anything, but just decided that it was not on my list of places to go. I gave it a second and third chance as that is how I would like to be treated but was unlucky every time. It has won some awards so they must be doing something right, just not when I was there. ← Were the awards won when Diane Clement and her hubby owned it perhaps? ← Some. but not all.
  3. I also have been a few times. I really wanted to like it but it just failed a number of times. I did bring my concerns up to the Owner / Manager and he just blew me off with a dismissive wave of the hand. I did not get bent out of shape or anything, but just decided that it was not on my list of places to go. I gave it a second and third chance as that is how I would like to be treated but was unlucky every time. It has won some awards so they must be doing something right, just not when I was there.
  4. A nice table at Parkside, and let the kitchen staff wow you with their magic sounds like a great night. I might take my own advice and book there for my anniversary.
  5. Just in one small instance. I had to search it out.... "Please ask for the official Dine Out menu when you are seated." Otherwise they refer to it as City Dine. I hope they repeat this program in the future. Every year diners can look forward to City Dine in September. Taste of Yaletown in October and DOV in January. Dine Out has spawned so many spin offs. I know some servers hate it (from friends in the indutry) but it seems to be a success. I am interested to see the line up for Taste of Yaletown this year. Chef Wyles? When do we get to find out? ← Taste of Yaletwon is launching soon. Meeting today at 4:30 actually. Pretty much same line up as last year, except Ciopinnos and Circolo as far as I know. Spnsors are stepping up with $$$ so we have a bit more to do marketing with. As I have a face for radio, I will try and get other people to do whatever TV spots there are. I got lots of exposure as the spokeperson last year, but the truth of the matter was it was hard to get people out to be the face of the event and it was left to me. I think this year will be different.
  6. On a more positive note, the mess should be ending soon, and then they will get down to serious digging. The concrete mess is called Micro piling. It is used to support the sides of the hole while digging, so the streets and buildings do not cave in. They ran into some difficult soil and it ran a little longer than planned. Once this is over, Mainland will be back open with a temp. bridge across Davie and the concrete sludge will be gone. The hoarding around the site will get changed, and some signage as well as some public art will be installed to help tidy up the look of the dig. The Tunnel Boring machine is chuggig under False Creek as we speak, heading towards Yaletown.
  7. There have been some challenges getting people into Yaletown. Besides the Canadaline, this last couple of weeks has seen sewer upgrades on the 1100 block of Hamilton, in front of Ciopinnos, on both Friday and Saturday nights as well as a gas line upgrade on Drake, between Pacific and Hamilton. I think of the five entry points / exit points in Yaletown, four were blocked off or being worked on. I serve on a commitee that works with business / communication issues throughout the entire Canadaline project as well as being president of the Yaletown Business Improvent Assoc. We really have our work cut out for us if we are going to help some of the businesses in Yaletown survive the 28 month build of the Canadaline. I am affected but nothing like the people around the corners of Mainland / Davie and Pacific. Only 24 more months to go. FYI : Yaletown is the only area affected throughout the entire length of the build. Some areas are cut / cover / and move on. We get it for the full run.
  8. After ordering we enjoyed the view and appetizers arrived in good order. The wait staff bringing out the meals seemed to be around the age of 14. One in particular was shaking like a leaf when placing the meals. This same server also had the job of filling up the water glasses for the night which was executed with good regularity however it was accompanied by continually drips across the table - not one or two but small puddles. Poor chap. Felt a bit sorry for him after his grand finale. More on that later. Wow , I hope this was not Andrew going through a nicotine / caffeine / alcohol withdrawl ( or the " I am just about to quit my job, I am sooo happy I think I might shake out of my boots" jitters ). He looks older than 14, but not much. I am tempted to asked him for ID whenever he comes in.
  9. I have to step in to back up the HSG servers. Having been there several times in the last 9 months as it is little g-man friendly (see Dining with a Baby thread for more details), I have spent a lot of time there and the two regular guys in particular (the muscley guy and the skinny guy) have always been great. Maybe DJOBLong was in on an off night... To keep this on topic, my last three: Last night: Rekado's Sat lunch: Rekado's Friday night: Rekado's New Phillipino place on Main Street around the corner from my house that is coming in mighty handy while my kitchen is under renovation. They have good dumplings and good barbecue. Looks like a Cactus Club. Prices are reasonable. Larry the owner is a nice guy, I am getting to know him well. ← For my sake, I hope it is the skinny guy I have to lay a beating on.
  10. I am sad you did not enjoy your hanger. As stated, sometimes a tricky cut. I have sold nearly 6000 servings of this in the last few years so I know it can be good. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and ours did not cut it. It happens. I appreciate the feedback. I am not here to tell you you are wrong or anything like that. Perception is reality, and this was what you saw. Good for you for speaking up. The room could use a little work. I am in the last 150 days of a ten year lease and have not signed the new one yet. Although it is coming, I am reluctant to spend any more $$$ on the room other than day to day maintanence. If the rumours of the big chains coming into the neighbourhood are true, I will have to give the room a facelft. As for the service being slow, now that concerns me. Perhaps a few more details of your visit will help me track the server down and give them a good beating.
  11. Bully for all of you world travellers ! It must be nice to have eaten at these places just please do not do anything so over the top as to post a picture of the bill. That would be too much to take. I jetted over to Kits ( drove my Chevy real fast ! ) and had a taco at the Taco place. I had a bottle of imported ( Mexican ) soda. Sorry guys, just takin' the piss.
  12. nwyles


    Meat, Cheese, Wine. So Simple it is brilliant. Part of the excitement here is the simplicity. Before this turns into a " culinary love in" or " mass jerk off", and then into an egullet lynching, Naro has a point. Service did not live up to her expectation. Fair enough. Comments were made and replied to. Sean and the boys will address it. They always do. Just because someone has an oposing view does not make them wrong. That is how their night went and how they saw it. I had to wait a little while for my second glass of wine. I managed to fill the time by talking to my wife and eating more cheese. I survived, although I do not know how many time I can do that. I see that kitchen / bar / service area as a bit of a bottle neck and might create a bit of a problem when busy. Sean and the boys will address it. They always do. It has been a long time since this town has seen something so simple that there is lots of hype and excitement. Does that create unreal expectations : quite possibly. It will settle down soon enough and everybody will get their legs under them. Although this restaurant is not a launching of the space shuttle, I would imagine it has some challenges. There is no kitchen or bar per se. No Chef or kitchen brigade. I saw my server assist with every aspect of my choices. This is somethime new. They have hired waiters and run it like a Deli with wine. It takes a bit of getting used to. Relax and enjoy. I think a return visit is in order. See you there.
  13. nwyles


    They know what egulleters look like from the ten most wanted ( Dead or Alive )posters Sean has around the office. Your face is probably in the background of a picture of the famous " never darken my doorway again" gang.
  14. A comedy of errors too numerous to mention. Good for you for not losing your marbles. I think I will give this place a miss for a while.
  15. I was thinking about putting my face on the ass end of a bus. People here certainly remember who is on the back of a bus. I wish I was about to pen a new deal with an airline but alas, no it is not true. The closest I would come to the that is providing a new coating to go on your bag of peanuts. Whatever, take the money and run Rob !!! This certainly does not detract from how good the food at Lumiere is. It just gives him more exposure to people who are interested in that sort of thing.
  16. Shit. I had the ringer off on my phone. If you tried to call, please call back. I'm still waiting.
  17. I will have no problem saying yes to anyone who wants to use my recipes and have me show up for a photo shoot, for gobs and gobs of money. Seriously, call me. I'm here now. Waiting. By the phone. I'm still waiting.
  18. Get a grip. Rob is a great chef. He owns two restaurants. He won on Iron Chef. He is appraoched by people looking to hook their wagon to his fame. Why should he not make a few extra bucks from it. The restaurant industry does not have a great pension plan so make the money while you can, any way you can.
  19. Just in town for a couple of days, family stuff. Fusion Grill was the only meal out.
  20. I was in the 'Peg last week and was taken to a neighbourhood restaurant called the Fusion Grill. It was nice. I found the entrees priced a little high but the starters a little low. The wine list was all Canadian and well put together. All in all, a nice dinner. The chairs were circa 1972, my Aunt's kitchen. Seemed out of place.
  21. From what I can see from the street, it looks pretty much the same. ← It is the same inside. Some very minor changes to the room, felt like the Quay. I took a peek at the menu...$10 caesar salads to $36 for tenerloin. The staff they have hired looks great, lots of experience in the room. I overheard that the chef wasnt on board yet and that he was coming from Coast. Interesting. ← I wonder if Emad knows that yet.
  22. A 1000 replies to what ? Did I miss something ?
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