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  1. Hi, I have many recipes that call for fatty pork/beef mince, typically for braised dishes like ragu, meatballs, etc. In order to have better control over the fat content, I am wondering if it's OK to mince a lean cut like pork loin/beef rump, and mince backfat/suet separately into the mix so I can control the ratio precisely. I prefer this to just using a fatty cut like shoulder for instance, as the fat content can be very inconsistent. The question is, if there's some inherent difference here that would alter the dish even if my lean/fat ratio is correct. Has anyone tried this? Thanks for any tips!
  2. Hi everyone, I've just received a packet of tonka beans, and being a tonka newbie I'm not sure if they're good. I'm told they're supposed to have a very strong aroma and flavor akin to vanilla. But they have a very weak smell that I would say is closer to peppermint, and it's just barely there. Does it sound like I got a bad batch? Or does the aroma only come through once they're grated? Thanks!
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