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  1. Tamagoyaki egg roll.... just used round frying pan (supposed to use rectangular pan )
  2. Had fun making these milky mushroom bread:) took a little thinking about how to make sure the mushroom " leg" wouldn't collapse during baking... Cheese Fillings...... I m recently diving into NO KNEAD recipes . NO KNEAD NO MIXER....No....
  3. my comfort cake(are all cakes meant for comfort?: ) a carrot cake, walnut cake, coffee cake, all 3 in 1:) with cream cheese frosting~
  4. Soft & fluffy Milky wool roll bread & flower bread in cheesy hotdog style No Knead No Machine No Water Roux No Butter
  5. Milky Cotton Bread, Soft, a bit on the sweet side, No knead, No Butter, No Water Roux , No Need Windowpane Test SIMPLE & EASY
  6. My take on Basque"burned"cake (a good way to use up all the diary leftover in my fridge) & add a strawberry layer to it (my irrational touch, which I never see in original Basque cakes )
  7. MommyDragonsDen

    Lunch 2021

    Thanks for your comments. Cut the pastry into circles & roll up. It does look like flowers if looking from the top. Instructions about how to make these detailed in my YT channel( the link in my signature) Hope it helps. Have a good day!
  8. Thank you. Good day!
  9. MommyDragonsDen

    Lunch 2021

    A little twist to puff pastry cheese sausage rolls (actually beef rolls) cheese, beef mince ,onions & a bit seasonings as fillings
  10. MommyDragonsDen

    Dinner 2021

    yep, in Chinese, it's "鱼露", not rare in SE Chinese cooking. I have Omega 3 fish oil in my cabinet too, tho haven't thought about using it in cooking yet.
  11. MommyDragonsDen

    Dinner 2021

    Thank you! cooking could be very therapeutic(when we have time....)
  12. MommyDragonsDen

    Dinner 2021

    Thank you. probably better call it fish sauce (often seen in asian grocery shop)
  13. glutinous rice ball with black sesame& rose jam fillings
  14. MommyDragonsDen

    Dinner 2021

    King Prawn Lantern Salad with Thail Style Dip Sauce (mint,coriander,lemon,peanuts,chilli, fish oil...etc) A little festival dish for lantern festival this week
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