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  1. I just had the same experience with fat dripping... Red in color and oily... Please see photos. First photo shows bowl of water for humidity... Second photo shows the reddish melted fat drip... These have lost 43% of green weight at 3.5 weeks.... I'm thinking of moving them to a conventional refrigerator... Does anyone have an opinion on this move?....... Thanks, Joe Wood
  2. Me again, Joe Wood... Product looks great and tasty... I hope to reach that level myself... Being brand new at this I'm quite excited... Can you tell me what spices you used? Did you use any Mold600?
  3. Glen I cannot help you with the PH thing... I'm brand new at this too... But I'd like to compliment you on the mold accumulation. Looks like man made casings?
  4. Throwing out $45.00 in meat not to mention the invested time and effort is a real bummer... I'm in the early stages of dry curing salami myself... Still finding my way... I found that my local supermarket butcher will happily grind any meat at no charge... This is a time and mess saver to say the least... I do have a Kitchenaide grinder/stuffer and also a 5lb. barrel stuffer... I use a wine cooler to cure the batches... One of my biggest concerns is the cost of things like starter, Mold 600, casings, etc... Does anyone out there have an alternate supplier that is more reasonable? $28.0
  5. Hello to all... At this stage of my dry salami making I'm afraid I have more questions than I'm entitled to. However any help I receive will be most appreciated. 1. I followed directions on the 5 lb. batch as well as I was able... Three weeks into this I have achieved about 43% reduction in weight on all links. I use a wine fridge to cure.. My neighbor took one link home at the same time and just "hung it in his refrigerator" with no special settings for humidity or temperature... This one came out IDENTICAL to all the rest in appearance and weight reduction of 43%. How can this be?
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