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  1. I'm surprised at your responses. Please tell me if you have tried any of the other methods. My house is rather cool, around 65 degrees F. I put the dough in the oven with a pan of boiling water. The dough did rise but not to double height. There was a fairly exuberant thread on egullet in 2006: people posted photos of plastic boxes complete with light bulbs, aquarium or reptile thermostats. I have a seedling mat and thought I'd give that a go. It would be so helpful if you could raise specific objections to this set up -- if you have any. I want to learn. Thank you!
  2. Dear Egulleters/Bakers Hi. I'm new around here. I found your website from googling bread dough proofing box. It appears the last post was in 2006. I am making a Swedish coffee-cardamon bread, "Nisu". I am looking for feedback and/or recommendations for the following setup: I will use a seedling mat. Invert a shallow plastic container over it. Place dough bowl on plastic container. Fill a small steel cylinder with boiling water. Set next to dough bowl. Cover all with an inverted large plastic container. Up until now I have not taken the internal temperature of the dough. I haven't yet made this -- recovering from a cold. I've been reading in bed dreaming of the next thing I want to bake. What do you think?
  3. Posted 6 hours ago Dear EGulleters, ResearchBunny here. I've just found you today. I've been lolling in bed with a bad cold, lost voice, wads of tissues, pillows, bedding around me. I spent all of yesterday binge-watching Season 2 of Zumbo's Just Desserts on Netflix from beginning to grand finale. I have been a hardcore devotee of Rose Levy Beranbaum since the beginning of my baking passion -- after learning that she wrote her master's thesis comparing the textural differences in cake crumb when using bleached versus unbleached flour. I sit up and pay attention to that level of serious and precision! While Beranbaum did study for a short while at a French pastry school, she hasn't taken on the challenge of writing recipes for entremets style cakes. That is, multi-layer desserts with cake, mousse, gelatin, nougatine or dacquoise layers all embedded in one form embellished with ice cream, granita, chocolate, coulis. After watching hours of the Zumbo contest, I became curious about the experience of designing these cakes. Some of the offered desserts struck me as far too busy, others were delightful combinations. I was surprised that a few contestants were eliminated when their offerings were considered too simple or, too sophisticated. So I'd like to hear from you about your suggestions for learning more about how to make entremets. And also, what you think about the show. And/or Zumbo. Many thanks. RB ps. The show sparked a fantasy entremet for my cold. Consider a fluffy matzo ball exterior, with interior layers of carrot, celery, a chicken mince, and a gelatin of dilled chicken broth at its heart!
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