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  1. I'm with Tony on this one, my issue wouldn't be with a well behaved child sitting quietly, but I would be very distracted if I saw them playing with lego. If you need to create a diversion (lego, colouring books, crayons) for that child while he is in the restaurant then he is obviously not appreciating it in the manner it should be (i.e. for its food) but appreciating it as a playground. Grrrrrrrr.....them pesky kids!
  2. Finally I agree about Mathew. There are some appalling restaurants in Rome (as I have said before, if you see the menu in English run a mile, if you it's also in Japanese run the 4-minute mile) but there are a million truly memorable restaurants there. Do your research Mathew and get away from the tourist restaurants.
  3. I love these threads! How can Mossimans be listed, isn't it a members club? Based on my most recent experiences Chez Bruce, Waterside Inn, and La Tante Claire should all be shifted up a notch. (I'm glad to see recent reports praising LTC, I was beginning to think that I was wrong, the 2 meals I have eaten there were among the best. Interestingly, the second meal was at the newer premises when it had dropped a star and was the better of the meals. Richard Corrigan at Lindsay House may rate highly but when it is lacking the "Richard Corrigan" it is a very sorry restaurant indeed! I'm willing to concede on Waterside inn, based on the most recent reports and articles I have read.
  4. I'll vouch for The French Table, I had a good meal there during the summer, unfortunately I can't remember (at the moment) what I ate, my other half might be able to help later on but I do remember that they sold Chateau Musar at a reasonable price and we managed to drink 3 bottles of it It was also very reasonable.
  5. Incredible: Italian agriculture ministry infiltrated by PeterPumpkino I couldn't believe this when I read it. Will Restaurants be fined if they don't come up to scratch? So what if an Italian restaurant serves dishes from different regions of Italy, why should this disqualify it from being 'authentic'. I realise that parts of Italy may have fantastic cooking but I hope they ensure that every restaurant in Italy is up to scratch before they start working on London! My only Visit to Italy was about 3 years ago (Rome) and it was probably the most disappointing place I have ever been to for food. Over cooked, underseasoned pasta/meat, bland saucing etc. Even more frightening was the fact that (in despair) we went to Planet Hollywood one night and had some of the best food we ate in Rome (not a dificult feat to achieve).
  6. Are you suggesting that she is actually GR in disguise?
  7. During our Backpacking days we bumped into a lot of travellers (as you might imagine ) who were on Whistlestop tours of the World or Europe. I'm afraid the main culprits were American teenagers. One exchange went as follows: Them: How long have you been in Turkey? Us: About 6 weeks Them: 6 weeks! What have you been doing? (They thought this was hilarious, they actually laughed mockingly at us!) Us: How Long have you been away? Them: 2 weeks - we go home next week. Us: Where have you been? Them: London, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Rome, Florence, Athens, Greek Islands and now Turkey. We're going to Israel next. Us: Did you enjoy London? Them: It was fantastic Us: How long were you there? Them: Just an Afternoon.....
  8. Apologies for the Cheyne/Park Walk mix up. You mean the Cheyne Walk just off The Kings Road (running parallel to it? This used to be home to Busabong Tree - a recommended Thai restaurant. Now with the information you've provided it doesn't look so much like a plug for friends and looks more like a genuine recommendation. I'd also suggest that if Fay Maschler has recommended it, it should stand a better that normal chance of survival. There are also several other plugs and reviews for it on the web and it is owned by people who have had sucess in the past (Tabla)Click here for Maschler review
  9. In addition - Cheyne Walk has supported Aubergine very well for several years!
  10. Forgive me for my cynicism - First post, no review but an advert/begging letter? Are they friends of yours by any chance?
  11. I will be trying this as soon as possible! Miracle hangover cure
  12. I have a few bottles laying down that I'm wondering whether to drink now. Will any of them be suitable for drinking yet or will they definitely need a few more years, any tasting notes appreciated: Wolf Blass - Black Label 1997 Wynn's Coonawarra Estate - 'Michael' 1996 Chateau D'Armailhac 1995 Paul Jaboulet Aine - Hermitage 'Le Pied de la Cote' 1997
  13. Talking of prison in Texas, this seems the perfect time to introduce this website I have just discovered: (Click here)
  14. Matthew Grant


    OK, I go my Mutton, I want a recipe, preferably slow cooked on the bone with an Asian or North African influence. I'm normally quite confident with spices but I'm concerned that the spices may burn over such a long time, has anyone any experience of this?
  15. The dejected clown has been changed to Edward from League of Gentlemen in light of another thread (Click here) I'm touched that you noticed I'm not sure whether to revert to Krusty the clown (member input welcome) As for the Waterside Inn, it's all sounding very depressing, my two meals there have been almost flawless but recent reports re: Alain Roux and from yourself would make me think long and hard before I went again.
  16. Most people would be happy paying £1.50 - £2.00 for a speciality loaf, the Poilane is 4 times the size of most speciality breads, what is the problem? The only problem I see with the price of that loaf is the markup that Waitrose have put on it. Its only £2.00 a quarter at Borough Market and £6.00 a loaf direct form his bakery. Senationalist journalism me thinks. I don't find this nearly as shocking as the jar of Dean and Deluca Pasta sauce at Waitrose for £7.95. I could make a whole load of very good pasta sauce for that money.
  17. Were you riding an exocet missile? by my reckoning, nearly 300 miles to Padstow. I've done it before and it took me around 6 hours (off season)! It took me 90 minutes to drive to Padstow from Ilfracombe. Other Egulleteers be warned, I think Macrosan is Michael Schumacher!
  18. Steve, I agree you on this, Time Out would still be the guide I use most but the reviewers seem too scared of heavily criticising restaurants as they used to. I find the red stars baffling - a quick read through some of the starred restaurants will reveal some distinctly average reviews, however there are several "non-starred" restaurants whose review would lead you to believe that it is the best restaurant in its category.
  19. Went to Wapping food on Sunday for the first time, didn't partake of the food, had a reasonable coffee, brunch menu was very limited and looked quite pricey for items such as pancakes and eggs benedict (can't remeber exact pricing but most dishes in the £7 - 8 pound bracket. Marmalade on toast £2.50! However, one thing to recommend it at the moment is the fantastic Magnum photographers September 11th exhibition. Make sure you see the film shown every 30 minutes and don't complain that the sound is broken - its meant to be like that (I think/hope ). Huge photographs, brilliantly lit (the darkenss adds to the atmostphere in my opinion) and all for free.
  20. I have just recieved the latest magazine from Le Manoir and the event that caught my eye was the 'Festival of American Culinary Excellence': "... a showcase of the very best of American cuisine, wine and lifestyle ere at Le Manoir. Martha Stewart......will join RB, we hope, in welcoming talented American chefs, vignerons and suppliers. Each day will feature a gastronomic lunch and dinner, prepared by a top American Star Chef in the style for which he or she has become known, and paired with great American wines from selected vintages. Seven American chefs have been invited to partcipate including: Daniel Boulud Tom Colicchio Nobuyuki Matsuhisa Charlie Palmer Charlie Trotter The daily agenda will include and afternoon roundtable discussion, attended by Festival guests including former NYC mayor Rudolph Giuliani,Chef's of honor Julia Childs and Jeremiah Tower, leading vignerons Robert and Tim Mondavi, Restaurant critics Nina and Tim Zagat, and James Bear foundation President Michael Ginore. Some of Europe's Leading chefs will also participate, including Mark Edwards, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Others. It will the biggest and most meaningful event ever held at Le Manoir. More details and dates to follow...." Not until 2003 but this sounds interesting nevertheless. ONly problem being that these chefs have only been invited, presumably no confirmations from them as yet. It sounds like a great event if they can pull it off.
  21. Thanks Peter, I had images of some mysterious giant root vegetable requiring hours of par boiling prior to being slow roasted for 36 hours. Even then I doubt RB would have thought about putting a decent sauce on it! 48 hours for a caramel mesh! Brings us on nicely to Steve's point, it looks and sounds better than it tastes. Steve, you summed up our experience of Manoir perfectly, I was so disappointed with the food that I want to go back to make sure it wasn't a blip (I had the Menu Gourmand so it shouldn't have been), however, at these prices I'm not prepared to take the risk again.
  22. Peter, which vegetable supposedly took 48 hours to cook? A lot (over 5000) of Raymond Blancs recipes are listed on his website (Click here) and I would like to try and track this recipe down. Excuse me for appearing sceptical but any vegetable requiring 48 hours cooking has got to be mighty special(or tough to begin with). If we are including the time taken to make the stock that the vegetable was cooked in, or marinating something for 36 hours, then maybe, but I struggle to believe that 48 hours is required to prepare any of the vegetables served at Manoir.
  23. One of the best dishes I have eaten. If ordered a la carte it is presented sliced, claws cracked etc but reconstructed on the plate complete with head. Definitely not a cheap dish to order a la carte but it is recommended
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