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  1. Maximum market penetration, as we will make our money in other ways.
  2. Not yet... We are doing price studies to understand how best to price it.
  3. Interesting. I will look at that. We will have a bluetooth probe, and also IR sensors to read the temperature from above. For the scale the balance is between features for "power users" and ease of use for regular people. I suppose we could use a volume control style. We have gotten rid of the knob, though we had one in an earlier prototype. I was quite reluctant to do that as I also hate those touch sensors, but we have a massive control screen (17 inches) with touch, so the thinking is that we can build a UI that is easy to use for wide range settings. Currently we are looking at a Timer type setting, like you have in the phone Timer. Rollers, to move up and down. And then combine that with some bookmarked settings. E.g. you could potentially save a shortcut to reach the temperature for melting chocolate.
  4. It's actually a rather complex cooking machine where we use convection heat, steam, grill and induction. www.varm.io. This is an earlier version. We have a "Cvap" effect, where we can do low temperature steam, which in many ways is better than sous vide. But for hot air we have first simulated the air streams and then used thermal imaging to place the TCs. We had to design our own convection heat system, as the standard systems weren't very efficient. For the induction TC we place it at the bottom to measure the pot temperature. Like a rice cooker. It's pretty good, but we are trying to figure out how the bottom temperature of the pot relates to the top, i.e. where the food is. We also have IR sensors so we could read the food surface or pot surface, if empty.
  5. Ok, thanks. I will listen to that.
  6. Yes, I have PID control and it is quite accurate. Many if not most appliances are poorly made why people need to learn to know their flaws. But correctly designed, using digital sensors etc, that isn't necessary. I suppose you are right though that people are used to the power setting, so it may continue for that reason. 100 scale is interesting. Thanks!
  7. I am currently working with an induction stove, and I wonder what scale to use for the controls. Traditionally it would be a relative scale representing the effect, e.g. 1-6, and the user behavior would be to first set the stove to 6 - e.g. to boil up water - and then turn down to 2 - to keep it simmering. But given that we can detect the temperature and use a so called PID algorithm to maintain the temperature, we can let users set a temperature and the stove will then keep it. So my question to this forum is what an ideal scale would be? Would people want to be able to set the temperature of the pot/pan or do they still prefer to just set the relative effect? How many steps should the scale have?
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