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  1. I made this recipe for Thanksgiving, and MAN, it was a hit. My guests couldn't stop eating them, and they are so easy to just pop in your mouth and deliciously fun to chew, savor, and swallow, that I found that I polished off a whole tray by myself by the end of the day. They are buttery, peanutty, slightly salty, and my goodness, the glob of chocolate in the center is DELIGHTFUL. No wonder this got such great reviews. It's quick to make, fun to bake (especially the part when you press the kisses into the ooey gooey middles and eat all the rest for yourself), and yummy to nibble with a hot
  2. My treat this week was a step into the wardrobe. C.S. Lewis has been a favorite of mine since childhood, and I have always wished I could find myself in the middle of a wintry wood and bump into Mr. Tumnus with an armful of packages. Then he'd invite me to a scrumptious tea by a hearth, and fill my soul with tea cakes and magical tales. I found this recipe for Mr. Tumnus' Burnt Sugar cake and there was no question that I had to try it. Here is the link to the recipe: http://yummy-books.com/2012/07/24/tea-with-mr-tumnus/ I topped the cake with my own creative twists, sp
  3. Hello All, Today is my last day of work before a week of Thanksgiving Break, and I am creating a wish list of everything I plan to bake this week to get into the festive spirit. For me, Thanksgiving and the end of the year in general evokes feelings of hygge, coziness, and comfort foods, and so I want to bake things that taste scrumptious and go perfectly with a snuggly sweater, fuzzy socks, a cup of coffee, and a juicy book. As a homebody, I'll be baking for me, myself, and I, so small portions too. I've been doing some research for some recipes and came across this one that was so char
  4. This looks absolutely divine. I am beginning a week of Thanksgiving break and this sounds like the perfect drink for cozy me-time. Thank you for sharing!
  5. @Tri2Cook, thank you for your playful eye
  6. @Kim Shook, yes! Anything inspired by imagination, stories, themes, etc. @heidih, whatever is magical for you. Open to interpretation!
  7. I'm a huge fan of muffins. You can bake them in batches, easily mix and match flavors, and make them any size! Chocolate chip, banana, cranberry, or blueberry are my favorites.
  8. I found this recipe on a baking blog and just knew I had to try it! It's as magical as it sounds. Recipe: Apples, Apple Cider, Rum, and Cinnamon sticks. I added my own twist by coating the bottom of the hollowed apples with caramel (I added a pinch of salt to the caramel because I just love salted caramel). I poured the steaming spiked cider into the apples and enjoyed with a butter cookie, fuzzy socks, and Dickens. Any magical recipes you've tried?
  9. The best fruit cake I grew up with is called "Black Cake," and is made from wine-soaked dark fruits. My mother is Trinidadian, and she bakes it for all celebrations, especially Christmas. It is a very wet cake--almost a pudding--and so rich that it's best enjoyed in slivers and nibbles with a cup of tea.
  10. I love to bake and want to explore some unusual recipes. Glad to be here!
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