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  1. I may be asking something really stupid, but wouldn't you start with lamb and bitter greens, as the good Book suggests? (pardon me, I come from Catholic tradition, but I do honour our forefathers in faith)- for the lack of better proposal I would start the meal with the serving of black kale (tuscan variety) with white beans on a toast (IlboccaTV has video on the subject- as a sort of poor man's diet) A roast of lanb should round that off quite nicely.

  2. Minimum spices, maximum flavour- boeuf bourgignon... a bit of FXCuisine, a bit of Julia Child and a few of tricks I picked along the way. Smells and tastes far  better than it looks. (A thing I should have done is either to thicken or reduce the sauce, but I left it as is to make reheating easier... it can always be done when reheating.)



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  3. Yesterday mornig, as I went to the market, I decided to make 'pizza meatballs with a surprise'. So, I made meatballs (with grana padano added to the usual mix) wrapped around cubes of gouda (should've been about 1/2"- mine were bigger so the meatballs were rather on the large side), in pizza sauce* with sliced mushrooms. Served with spaghetti.


    * made roux on meatball drippings, roasted some tomato paste when the roux was mid-brown, added tomato passata and finely chopped anchovy fillet, a bit of salt, majoram and oregano... Returned meatballs to the pot (played with sauce consistenchy while cooking by alternating passata and warm water to replenish liquid), and added sliced button mushrooms halfway through cooking

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  4. Today was a late lunch...  


    Oven roasted potato stuffed peppers sounds quite unremarkable, but I was astounded how good it tastes. :$ There are several ways of preparing this dish, so I decided not to trouble myself too much with recipes I've seen and did my 'own thing', and I'm happy to say that it's the first dish I've prepared that I decided how it should taste (the filling, the potatoes baked in pepper juices, &c), instead of "I'll do this and that, and see how it turns out", or following a recipe... And I came quite close to what I had in mind- not better or worse, just a shade differently. :D But, I can say that two humble stars of the dish- peppers and potato* did shine in unexplicably tasty way.


    * I relied not so much on potato, but on potato-peppercorn combination to boost the flavour 

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  5. 1417812177_Paprikacsirket2.thumb.jpg.968fbab99a25a3bf47e67ce57f83c766.jpg



    When I saw this recipe, hungarian dish called paprika csirke, I knew I had to prepare it... It took me a while, but I finally made it and loved it. Tastes even better than it looks. :D It takes some effort and is a bit finnicky, so I trebled the quantities, and froze the better part of it before finishing the dish. :B

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  6. vecerica.thumb.jpg.a3109f5f3cfd32bbfc703da36817b36c.jpg

    Last night I was having supper rather late, so here's the pic... A local speciality very similar to Presswurst- we call it tlačenica, prezvuršt (obviously xD) ili švargla (probably hungarian origin). Originally, it's stuffed into stomach, but this one was in plastic casing...

    Admiteddy, later I sliced half a loaf of bread, so those two were only for the photo opportunity. :$ But, I still call this light supper. :D

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  7. Actually, in my neck of woods the widepread use of forks is attributted to 15th century Croatian mercenaries carrying it to the French royal court (similar to what is now considered to be a necktie)... But spaghetti, on the other hand, have gained popularity in industrialization era (mid 18-hundreds)- nothing to do with forks, but with means to mass produce. i.e. extrude, wheat pasta.


    Completely off the topic, I like spaghetti broken in half- that way they get rolled around the fork perfectly in a bite sized piece.


    As for usual "dos" and "don'ts", I've learned to ignore all advice that seems contradictory to my common sense... except when it comes to using wine/alcohol to tenderize or braise meat.  I've learned it the hard way that the proper way is to burn off alcohol prior to using it beecause it will, otherwise, hinder the meat getting tender.

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  8. On 5/17/2019 at 5:22 PM, btbyrd said:

    The same thing is true of slicing meat, but "doing it wrong" is usually much less obvious. Unless you do something like cut flank steak or tri tip (or something similar) with the grain and make a potentially tender cut stringy and chewy.


    And then you get recipes like ropa vieja which make you look at flank steak and make you think 'how can I make this cut-o-meat more stringy".... xD Cutting meat, is like many things in life, common sense- but with clear goal in mind, one can throw even common sense out of the window. :D


    I'm about to start cooking tonight- got m'self 5 lb of beef shank, part of it is going in tonight's goulash but majority is going into beef carrot daube tomorrow (I run into gournet friend of mine when grocery shopping and forgot to buy shallots- he got hold of russian kale and had to share recipe that makes it shine, then we discussed differences between 'regular' and 'golden' hake, then one thing lead to another and pints of stout were consumed and many things discussed while market sort of got closed on me :$). Digression aside, is there a better way to cut it into 'stew meat' than cut into 1/2" steaks and then cube them (fror goulash part- for daube, I'd go for 3/4" steaks and cubes)?

  9. Yesterday's lunch was panissa (recipe from Pasta Grannies @ Youtube), which didn't turn out as planned, but was nevertheless excelent.



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  10. 1396859079_Ropaviejatanjur.thumb.jpg.02e27be031d64d9f40ab16e2bffb1e17.jpg


    Feeling a bit less ashamed now... ^_^ Ropa vieja (with fire roasted peppers) plated without the rice, which looked a bit overcooked but was perfectly fine (cheap supermarket brands tend to piss me off in that regard). Turned out absolutely fantastic (even though I cut down on amount of spices). :D

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  11. 187516640_RopaviejaWIP.thumb.jpg.c0b4aae3a51b923e7338b2d8b4fd814e.jpg


    I'm almost ashamed to post after those splendid photos above, but this is my tommorow's lunch (WIP). I'll let it sit overnight, shred the flank simmering in the pot, add peppers being roasted in the photo, stuffed olives, parsley (if I find any in the fridge) and simmer some more. ^_^

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  12. Last night I did a hen stew (local name, tingul od kokoši)- I bought a 7lb hen on impulse, and had to portion it and wing up a recipe for a dish I never ate or have cooked. Even more foolishly, I left the house during the cooking for a few beers with friends, and a miscommunication resulted in the stew simmering for 7 instead of 3 hours. :$ I winged it even on wine selection, which was a touch too sweet- not surprisingly, tingul turned a bit too sweet too, so I touched it up with a glug of port, pinch of pepperoncino and a teaspoon or two of mustard and few grinds of pepper. 

    The result was nevertheless finger-lickingly delicious. :D And 


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  13. On 1/26/2019 at 10:24 PM, rotuts said:



    and honest person , or beast


    please post more if you can


    w pics 


    if you can


    from your region 




    Rotuts, sorry for the delay, but here's one of those... Store nearby had 20% off on enamelled cookware (and as luck would have it, today was my payday), so I couldn't help myself but to snatch a 9½" one... :$






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