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  1. @rancho_gordo Didn't know that. Good to know!
  2. @BeeZee The one I had was from Rococo Ice Cream - turns out they have a mail order program! http://www.rococoicecream.com/flavors/
  3. @Smithy it's all about the smoked ham hock!
  4. moesurf

    Dinner 2018

    Shorbat Adaş (Lebanese red lentil soup) I didn't get the roasted chickpeas quite crunchy enough but still good.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm Mary Beth and I'm new to eGullet. I found Pinterest lacking in higher caliber recipes so I went in search of something better and found this forum. I consider myself an above average home cook but there is always room to learn more. My baking skills could definitely use some improvement. I'm always after authentic recipes from around the world; the more traditional, the better! I have a soft spot for cajun food and make a pretty mean red beans and rice. I'm currently in Colorado with my fiance and our 3 dogs. We love traveling and mostly travel just to eat. I've learned a lot from this group already and can't wait to learn more!
  6. @BeeZee Do you know which brand? I was in Kittery, ME last month and they had a blackberry goat cheese gelato that was AMAZING.
  7. Fiance and I went to Mexico over Easter. My question: is the Mexican corn quality always sub par or am I just spoiled having grown up in corn country? Currently putting chamoy on EVERYTHING.
  8. moesurf

    Breakfast! 2018

    Eggs Benedict on an English muffin with "European Style" bacon. It's become a weekend habit.
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