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  1. raamiri

    Best Fast Food Burger

    I agree, Simmzy's is a bit upscale and may fall under casual dinning. There are many micro chains popping up now. I ate at Burger Boss not too long ago. It was pretty good.
  2. raamiri

    Best Fast Food Burger

    The burgers are cooked to order with options for different dressings. They also have three different selection for Fries
  3. raamiri

    Best Fast Food Burger

    I got an opportunity to go to Simmzy's in Huntington Beach, CA. not to long ago. They have great Gourmet Burgers and unbelievable selection of Craft Beers. Check it out if you are a Burger Fan. Their location is phenomenal as well overlooking the ocean.
  4. Hi Kim, I just joined as well. This looks like a great forum. Ramzan