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  1. Hasmek

    Best Fast Food Burger

    Location's are mainly based in California: Anaheim Hills, Huntigton Beach, Pasadena, Rancho Cucamunga, San Diego, San Marcos; and Dallas, Texas.
  2. Hasmek

    Best Fast Food Burger

    Have you all of Slater's 50/50? I'm not much of a burger fan, but this place take's the cake for hand crafted trendy burger's and beers. The so-called "Burger by Design," ranging from the size of the burger, type of meat, bread, cheese, toppings, sauces, etc. You would love this place if you are a burger fanatic.
  3. Hasmek

    A new Foodie

    Hi Everyone, I call myself a foodie and lover of all foods and food trends. I'm looking to learn from this online community.