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  1. I would like to join too! This will be my first time joining the gang.
  2. good to know! thanks much. I have just ordered some samples so I will keep this mind.
  3. VistaGardens, I appreciate hearing experience with Pur. thanks! I am looking into Chef Rubber Naturals and the Quebec-made product offered by ChocoaltChocolat.
  4. I just saw this post. Are these still for sale? thanks
  5. I am really enjoying it. Concurrently I am reading several books on the industry. The podcast gets right into the nitty- gritty of issues and has interesting guest interviews. The books can provide more detail of course but the podcast does a good job.
  6. Hello All, Your thoughts are much appreciated. To an earlier point, yes I am looking for alternatives to dyes and pigments. Mila’s work is great and like some of you and Recchiuti, use limited colors and rely on other types of chocolate for color. I find that customers respond really well to color, it’s exciting. Majority of my customers are still unfamiliar with rainbow- bright shells. Many chocolatier that I see, including my colleagues, do not list all ingredients in their colors. This is the turning point for me, required by my inspector. If I list all these additives
  7. The inspector is with CA Health Dept and approves my labeling and methods. Good thought on the blanket statement, there are 7 Dyes and assorted Lakes and titanium dioxide, so I could make a generic statement including all of that. That does seem at odds with high quality direct-trade chocolate and the ethos we hope to uphold. Thanks for your thoughts.
  8. Hello All, I am researching colorants for cacao butter with an eye toward 'natural' vegetal derived colorants. My local packaging inspector ( California ) has required me to list ALL FDA approved artificial dyes and pigments, FD&C, Lakes, on my labels. These are equivalent to EU approved artificial colors as E102 to E143, as I understand it. Is anyone else tackling this issue? Per labeling, this is a substantial amount of information as one multi-hued collection can have 6+ colors. Other chocolatiers I have noticed use blanket statements such as 'FDA approved colors' o
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