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  1. Meeting friends for dinner in Princeton. It is a halfway meeting point for us so we don't know the area. Looking for moderately priced American or Italian. Any suggestions?
  2. We are entertaining a group of clients and were able to get a reservation at Jardiniere. Any opinions on the restaurant? Is it worth the price?
  3. I also can use some ideas. Have three business dinners to host in march. We are staying at the Palace hotel and would like the restaurants to be in close proximity. We don't necessarily need private rooms but will be around 20 people each evening. Money is not a problem. Thanks
  4. I will be in Boston from April 9 -14, 2013. My husband will be at a conference during the days and I am looking to take cooking classes or attend cooking demonstrations. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks.
  5. We are driving from NJ to Boston late this afternoon. Any suggestions where to stop for dinner along rt 84 or rt 90?
  6. We are going to be in Boston in early September and staying at the Liberty Hotel. Any and all suggestions for restaurants in that area would b appreciated. Thank you.
  7. We are celebrating a milestone anniversary and I am having trouble deciding where to have dinner. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. Thank you for your suggestions. We wound up at Trattoria Pesce and Pasta on Third and 88th. Food was okay, prices were great and it was very close to where we needed to be.
  9. we are meeting friends for dinner tonight and they would like to go to an Italian restaurant. We will be in the East 80's from 2nd Ave to Madison. Would like to keep it moderately priced. Any ideas? Thank you.
  10. We are very excited about a magic show we are going to at the Waldorf. We would like to have dinner in the area. Any suggestions for moderately priced ($50-75 per person) restaurants? We are open to any type of food. Thanks.
  11. Thanks everyone for your helpful info. We finally decided where we are going. Leaving from Northern NJ and staying in Canandaigua . From there to Niagara Falls. On our way back home we will be staying in Corning/Ithaca. Keep those restaurant/ sightseeing suggestions coming. Thanks again.
  12. We are driving to Niagara Falls this summer. Going up through Corning and back through the Finger Lakes. Any recommendations for place that we must try? Thanks
  13. Some friends and family want to get together for lunch anywhere in Manhattan this Saturday. American/Italian food would probably satisfy everyone and price is a consideration. Any suggestions where 14 people can have lunch?
  14. Thanks for the suggestions Margo. We ate at Brew Works. The food was okay - nothing special but the price was right and we had a good time.
  15. We are going to Allentown this weekend and will be taking our son and some of his friends to dinner. We usually eat at Melt in Center Valley but don't feel like spending that much money as there will be 8 of us. Any suggestions?
  16. coughy

    Ca Va

    Going to the theater next week and made a reservation here. Then I read a review and now I have doubts as to how good it is. Has anyone been here?
  17. We are going to Ogunquit Maine and would like some suggestions for restaurants. My son who is joining us does not like lobster and that is all my husband and I want to eat so places that have non-seafood items on their menu is what we are looking for. Price really doesn't matter. Thanks.
  18. We are going to be in Dana Point/Laguna Nigel in a few weeks and are hosting a few business dinners. One for 28 people and 2 for 14 people. I would like to spend about $100 per person. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  19. Going for our annual trip next week and was wondering if there was anywhere new and different for a nice dinner. Price is not an issue. Thanks
  20. I am going to be up in the Franklin Lakes area tomorrow. Any great places to have lunch? Cuisine and price not an issue. Thanks.
  21. I have a conference to attend in Boca and I will be doing some entertaining. I would like a restaurant in Boca that is on the same level as Chef Allen's in North Miami. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Do you mean Ginas? It is still on Walnut Street and has really delicious cakes, tarts, cupcakes and pies.
  23. Sweet Basil on Eagle Rock Avenue in West Orange has a wonderful brunch and the prices are reasonable.
  24. We really don't want to be in the city of Boston. Any suggestions in Cambridge or anything closer to Waltham. Thanks
  25. Because there are so many of us with different eating styles I think if we stick to an Italian restaurant it would be best. Thanks
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