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  1. Well.. that how the Asian cook.. I mean even Gordon Ramsay have problem with measurement. We do it "agak-agak".
  2. Allen89

    Blue chicken broth

    Hmmm.. blue color chicken broth... that is interesting... Any update on how it goes? As far as I know, Butterfly pea flower doesn't have much taste but it have a certain smell. I mean two of my favorite food (attached picture) only use the flower as coloring only and it need quite a lot to make it really blue. I mean you can see via the youtube link that i share of Gordon Ramsay at Malaysia with his trial with the flower. (amount of flower at 2:48, result of the blue rich at 3:24)
  3. @rotuts, you could see my dinner.
  4. I will treat the terms exotic food as something edible which I not used to eat. By that, my answer is berries like blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, blackberry, lingonberry and etc
  5. Allen89


    haha... then @jeffrey30 is half wrong and half correct? "Mangosteen extinct? Who on earth wrote that.? (lthough it soon might be if I keep eating so many.)" - haha.. and blame me too if eating too many will cause it extinction.
  6. Hmmm... good question.. I'm a Malaysian Chinese. In my personal opinion, the differences is Malaysian cuisine are more like fusion and mixture where the variety of races in Malaysia are basically allowed to spread their own cuisine as wide, free or as much as their like while being true to their root. For example, the Hainanese Chicken Rice, despite the name, it is not from Hainan, China. It is a dish modified in Malaysia by the early Hainanese that came to Malaysia. The rice is cooked with chicken stock and ginger which some said are inspiration from the Indian briyani and they also added pandan leave into the rice which is said inspired from the Malay, Nasi Lemak. Hey, it is a Chinese food but made in Malaysia. Don't you think it satisfy the requirement of being a Malaysian cuisine? While, the Indonesian cuisine to me, they look like cuisine which is developed with mostly influences of the Malay Indonesian. I mean have you tried their dim sum or their Kwetiau Siram which i believe is the indonesian version of WAT TAN HOR (CANTONESE FRIED NOODLES WITH SILKY EGG SAUCE). I think it just how it is in the " Old" Indonesia when you see the Indonesian Chinese are not even allowed to have Chinese name. I believe it is the same as in their cuisine. I think the terms for such condition is "Assimilation"? While Malaysia cuisine are more like "Acculturation" and also "Amalgamation" for the case like Penang Nyonya, Malacca Nyonya and Malacca Kristang.
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    Yes... finally a mangosteen in other country than Malaysia. I read it somewhere (forgot where) which the author said mangosteen is extinct. I was like what !!! Then, i reply the author that what am i eating all this time, the purple skinned, white flesh fruit with sweet and sour taste. After reply that, i thought to myself, maybe it is so rare at other plave that the author thought it is extinct?
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    @liuzhou I think @jeffrey30 meant your picture? Correct me if I'm wrong. Because fruit like lychee, kumquat, longan, and loquat are from China. And your picture have longan, and loquat.
  9. 1. "Chili Chicken". Does it look like the attached picture? 2. Actually there are different kind of Nyonya, the cuisine from northern side of Malaysia are influence by Thai cuisine and they do use basil, to be exact the Thai basil. F.Y.I. Penang Nyonya is from Penang, one of the Malaysia northern state. 3. A list of Malaysian food: http://www.listchallenges.com/2017-update-malaysian-food-that-ive-tried
  10. Having birthday celebration for a friends of mine by buying him a special cake, Nasi Lemak Cake during breakfast. 1. Nasi Lemak (literally fat rice) Cake Nasi Lemak - as per Wikipedia, a Malay fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. Traditionally served with sambal, anchovies, peanuts and boiled egg. Sambal - hot sauce made from main ingredients such as chilis and belacan (fermented shrimp paste) not really a cake, it just made into cake shape, a bit like how you make sushi or onigiri. Next, we went for our main course, 2. Bak Kut Teh (literally meat bone tea) - had both version, the original soup version and dry version.
  11. Allen89

    Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    1. Stir fry crab with salted egg yolk and butter, 2. Stir fry crab with marmite, 3. Kam heong lai liu har (literally pissing prawn) - Kam Heong (Chinese : 金香) - literally "golden fragrance" in English, Kam Heong is a method of cooking developed in Malaysia, and is a good example of the country's culinary style of mixing cultures. The tempering of aromatics with bird’s eye chilies, curry leaves, crushed dried shrimp, curry powder, oyster sauce and various other seasonings yields a versatile stir-fry sauce that goes well with chicken, clams, crabs, prawns, and squid. Lai Liu Har - mantis prawn 4. Xiong tong lala - Xiong Tong - literally superior soup Lala - Surf clam, Short necked clam, Carpet clam, Venus clam (Binomial name - Paphia textile) 5. Bing Zhan Gu Lou Yuk (literally Ice Mountain Sweet & Sour Pork) - basically normal Sweet & Sour Pork dip in ice bucket as coon as it cooked, differently with normal Sweet & Sour Pork? much more crunchier and it half cold half hot. And of cause all of this with rice.
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    thanks for the info....
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    Errr... may i ask what is nada? from goggle search, i get a car dealer company... lol.
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    Berries... Hmm.. strawberry... Sorry for being ignorant. Strawberry is a seasonal fruit? We have strawberry all year round planted at my father hometown, Cameron Highlands. But it have harder outer layer, slightly sour (That what they all said.For me, it is very sour without even a hint of sweetnesss) and smaller... =.= Until recently (from what I heard), a Japanese guy named Mr. Kyosuke Kinoshita start to plant strawberry at Cameron Highlands after being ridiculed that it is impossible to plant a sweet strawberry at Malaysia and he did it (from what i heard, haven't get the chance to try it though because the price is basically same as imported strawberry =.=). His and his partner website: https://www.cai-sg.com/products/strawberries
  15. Allen89


    For sure, no berries here at Malaysia. At least not a decent one and in reasonable price. I remember when i was in Birmingham for my degree, i ate berries everyday cause for me it is a rare delicacy. I even got to know some berries that I didn't even know it exist like lingonberry. In Malaysia, currently we have mangosteen, lychee, rambutan, durian, pulasan, jackfruit, cempedak, sapodilla, starfruit/carambola, papaya, langsat, mango, rose apple/water apple, dragon fruit/pitaya and longan's long lost little brother, mata kucing (literally "cat's eyes"). What else? Let just say, i don't have that much space in my stomach nor the financial capability to buy so much.
  16. Well. It doesn't do much harm. Just that carrot have this enzyme called ascorbinase that destroys the vitamin C in the white radish (daikon). It amount of ascorbinase are higher in raw carrot. Although cooking it can reduce the amount of ascorbinase in the carrot, the vitamin C will be long gone due to heat before ascorbinase. It is said that adding vinegar could also weaken the ascorbinase. Ascorbinase are also found in: pumpkins, cabbage, cucumber, cauliflower, apples and bananas.
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