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  1. This is a project I have been working on for the last 5 years. It is and will be the standard in fighting world hunger, eliminating sugar from the food chain and helping Chemo patients taste food again. What happens when we eliminate sugar, sugar additives and sugar substitutes? Health Insurance rates drop, heart disease drops, diabetics don't have a risk of blindness and we create a more stable green economy. Let the games begin!!
  2. Don’t forget to catch the Future Food season finale and marathon Tuesday, May 18th at 8/7 central and going all the way until 1:30/12:30am central Click here to find Planet Green in your area: http://planetgreen.channelfinder.net/ More to come...
  3. Check us out Live every Tuesday at 9/8 central on Ustream.tv - 1 hour before the airing of Future Food we will be doing live streaming demos demolition and deliciousness:) Here is the link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/future-food Also Check out this video, some of these ideas may make in the show...
  4. Check us out Live every Tuesday at 9/8 central on Ustream.tv - 1 hour before the airing of Future Food we will be doing live streaming demos demolition and deliciousness:) Find us here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/future-food Also check out this video that was recorded about 3 years ago, some of the ideas may make onto Future Food...
  5. Last thing - there is an episode coming up where we actually demonstrate how to solve world hunger. Been keeping the lid tight and prepping the "market" for this for a long time now. That time is coming up... now for a video from our friends at NBC 5 Chicago:
  6. And here is a short clip of Future Food from our friends at Planet Green, hope all of you get to watch the show!
  7. Here is a video recently shot for The Chicago Tribune showing a very unusual challenge they threw at us.
  8. This is a simple little sizzle reel from our friends at Planet Green.
  9. Hope some you had the chance to watch the show. Every episode gets more involved (and funny) with issues around foo. No fatalism, just optimism and solving problems. Here is a video we shot with an unusual challenge from The Chicago Tribune.
  10. What was your first job in a restaurant like? Anything like this: http://www.mtv.com/shows/the_state/series.jhtml HC
  11. Barefoot Contessa and Paula Deen. They are ruining America and are setting one horrific example for tomorrows generations. Come on, you know i'm right!
  12. To me, its funny that you complained about the editing becuase I've read and heard unedited Alice Waters interviews, and Alice comes across much worse than the 60 minutes interview. But, what ended up happening was that sympathatic journalists would end up editing the interviews so Alice wouldn't come across that badly. Fact: Every plant used in modern agriculture weather it be organic, local, GMO or not relies on Phosphoric Rock. It is essential to maintaining a stable DNA code in order for these farmed products to grow. Fact: there are less than 10 mines around the world that contain this and since it is a basic element, it can only be recreated by using a particle accellerator such as the Large Hadron Collider. So when AW claims we need to go local and organic, what do we do when we run out of phosphorus? Unless she is sitting on some new technology that no other multibillion dollar corporation or individual has, I would argue she needs to take some lessons in food science. It seems going local and organic is only part of the solution. I am all for it, but neat straight rows of vegetables, grains and fruit do not occur in the natural world. Fact: in this video: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4867019n&tag=related;photovideo she clearly points out that she has "an open hearth fireplace" yes that would be wood burning, why don't we just light a match underneath planet earth and suck it dry of one of the most important resources that is arguably more important than fossil fuels! Fact: she has consistently slammed food science driven chefs without merit or investigation - soon the tables will turn. Let the games begin! Want to know the answer? Watch Future Food, can also be followed here: http://planetgreen.discovery.com/videos/future-food-gastronomic-geniuses.html And most importantly until the show airs watch the videos on http://disruptivefood.com
  13. Would you believe me that in one episode I actually demonstrate how we can solve world hunger? It has taken me personally over 4 years of research and development and almost everything I have. We demonstrate this now on www.disruptivefood.com - there is a newsclip of us filming the show and during filming NBC 5 Chicago paid us a surprise visit. Check it out! It uses a product that is all natural, organic, non GMO, can be grown as a houseplant, would eliminate food miles all together and would essentially turn the weeds in your front lawn (that are safe to eat that you have never considered eating) into your next meal. I know, its a pretty big claim, but thats what you get when you give a bunch of highly driven wacky chefs the resources to create massive positive change. On my first post on Egullet which is up on www.disruptivefood.com - I state that "I can't wait to serve all of you. You all breathe new hope into tomorrows gastronomers. So welcome to our little corner in the universe." I wasn't kidding, my goal is to feed everyone. Including those that are unable to afford the luxury to be in the modern world of technology. We will demonstrate irrefutably that science and food not only go together but it can and will solve our largest food problems. Very proud of my team for seeing it through over the years. Now check out the really cool stuff on www.disruptivefood.com Lastly, hopefully I can return the massive favor Egullet has given me over the years to help me get to this point, but for now I will simply say - enjoy the show, it's ripple effects will be lasting. Respectfully, Omar
  14. Hope all of you get to enjoy the show, was one heck of a ride getting here! http://planetgreen.discovery.com/videos/future-food-gastronomic-geniuses.html http://planetgreen.discovery.com/tv/future-food/ and some more goodies here: http://disruptivefood.com Cheers, -Homaro Cantu- Chef and Owner of Moto Restaurant Chairman and Founder of Cantu Designs http://motorestaurant.com
  15. Sam is a great Pastry Chef and I must agree here that the blogs serve a certain purpose, it's not the networking medium for every establishment, mine included. I learned the hard way that blogging before the customers needs were taken care of was paramount. I simply did not have enough resources to manage the then (2004) exploding social media outlets while attempting to open a restaurant. As a result, Moto went through a massive and difficult transition of constantly playing catchup with overly misinterpreted expectations. Thankfully it worked out in the end and now I can say we are stiil standing. But given the chance to do it all over again - I would have downplayed all facets of our restaurant all over the internet. As a diner, I am always the optimistic one in our group who hypes up every dining experience, weather it be Tailor (amazing 3 times), a burger joint up the street, or Wo Hop in Chinatown. When I do this, I do it because it's impossible for me to be let down as I know the experience will leave a positive memory EVERYTIME (yes I am just a food fanatic across all platforms). It's just the way I look at every restaurant, there is something great about all of them. However, my guests or co diners are almost always let down in this case. The three times I dined at Tailor we had a revelation in cocktail majic and of course, Sam's genius with desserts. We forget to view restaurants as they were originally intended - non biologically related "families" that are working to prepare your next meal and share with your their vision in gastronomy. When blogging, it is impossible to capture that and totally impossible to describe it as the restauranteurs intended you to see it. And that should never be overhyped, its like dating, there should be some mystery, some apprehension, and most of all, some respect for your "date". Case in point, none of the blogs I saw on Tailor made me want to go there but when I did, I loved it! Every time. Sam will rise again and he will certainly nail the next shop in spades. Little known fact - I have been a part of 4 closed restaurants in my short career. The only difference between successful people and unsuccessful ones is that successful people have made more mistakes. I should have a gold medal for all the mistakes I have made. Thankfully now, we can blog away without not sleeping at night (its 5:30 am as I write this:) and move forward. Now after reading that watch these videos, its the only way I have found "blogging" or my way of "blogging" to work. I simply have to use video as that was my social medium growing up (memories of Jaques Pepin and Julia Child come to mind) and it's really the only way I can blog. However, it still fails to capture the essence of what I put on my dinner table. If someone knows how to embed videos in egullet, let me know - I have 2 experiences at Tailor I would love to put them up here ( I am a video FREAK). http://planetgreen.discovery.com/videos/future-food-gastronomic-geniuses.html And most importantly, these which are dedicated to Egullet - www.disruptivefood.com -Homaro Cantu-
  16. This is the latest sizzle reel for Future Food. Enjoy! http://planetgreen.discovery.com/videos/future-food-gastronomic-geniuses.html
  17. Oh man ... I can't help but think of .... SOLENT GREEN! Welcome to Moto 3.0. Check it out now on www.disruptivefood.com Going green has never been this fun. Todays Disruptive Food page is dedicated to all of my fellow egulleters that have supported Moto over the years. Thank you and enjoy the show. click click click tap tap tap! www.disruptivefood.com
  18. Oh man ... I can't help but think of .... SOLENT GREEN! Welcome to Moto 3.0. Check it out now on www.disruptivefood.com Going green has never been this fun.
  19. Now I am not a politician, but this next video clearly shows how the "powers that were" squashed it from the view of the american public to replace it with Aspartame. Gotta love that smack upside the head. I have been researching and developing this new application for the glycoprotein miraculin for over 3 years. Side note - some very exciting news coming in this thread in the very near future. Moto 3.0 is about to be unleashed. www.disruptivefood.com
  20. Agreed. Sort of like this: Kinda makes your stomach turn after you watch the entire video. This time around, they wont be banning this form of MF. HC
  21. Well, you are on the right track here but the purpose is not give the media the middle finger. It's to create an overwhelmingly positive case for experimental food. Ask yourself this question: The way we cook, is it sustainable in 50, 75 or 150 years from now? Absolutely not. Radical shifts in what we define as sustainable will have to happen if we are to pass on the torch to our great grandchildren. The news clip on Disruptive Food is just the beginning. The ripple effects will be the true test. Think of this as the Freakonomics of food. We certainly have enjoyed the support of egulleters and the media over the years but now its time to ratchet things up to the next level. Many will question and criticize, that is more than welcome and always encouraged. But I will stand by my earlier posts. My technology will speak for itsself. Cheers, HC www.disruptivefood.com
  22. Check out www.disruptivefood.com now. Is this starting to sink in now? It all just makes a little too much sense. I patent only to give those patents away to those in need, those that live outside the walls of the digital age and those that have no idea what its like to go to bed with a full stomach. I will keep these two videos up for 2 days and upload more as we get closer to the launch date. Enjoy the show!
  23. Its your daily dose of street talkin' smack walkin' disruptive food goodies. 81 days left. Prepare for liftoff! www.disruptivefood.com HC
  24. My technology will speak for itsself. Period. www.disruptivefood.com You can delete the link as it is a duplicate of the previous post:)
  25. Eht nwodtnuoc ot eht gnitsalreve noitpursid ni doof sah nugeb. Eht etisbew lliw egnahc yadyreve htiw setadpu, swen dna ecnegilletni sgnifeirb. Emoclew ot eht erutuF dooF margorp. Os emoclew ot ym dlrow, eht dlrow fo evitpursid doof ygolonhcet taht ekam eht dlrow a retteb ecalp. Hctaw eht nwodtnuoc ereh: www.disruptivefood.com Homaro Cantu - Your neighborhood hoodlum and food scrambler There are only 82 days left...
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