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  1. well THATS really interesting about the pies. I didnt know that. Thanks
  2. YES !!!! wax paper ! LOL now that you mentioned it.... they were always a bit moist. i liked it. the butterscotch was not for everyone... most people loved those 3 chocolate cup cakes... wrapped in wax paper. i even looked online for a picture of a single package of those 3 chocolate cup cakes wrapped in the wax paper. i could not find one..... i found lots of other things.... but not that.
  3. if you had ever eaten a REAL original butterscotch krimpet... you would know it. I wouldnt be so crazy to find a recipe if it wasnt for the fact that the REAL thing was SO GOOD. Its not my imagination.... i have been watching this down hill slide for a long time. i just accepted it and tried not to think about it. now... for some reason..... these krimpets have hit a new low. lol i had not been paying attention to them till i decided to try a box when i saw them at the grocery store. it was like a bucket of ice water in the face. all i can say is WOW ! PUR
  4. Hi I guess i didnt make myself clear. lol that wouldnt be the first time. i am not looking FOR THEM. I actually HAVE a box now on my kitchen counter... which is EXACTLY what prompted me to ask for a RECIPE that might come close to what they USE to be ! Whatever this is that they are calling butterscotch krimpets LOL they dont taste anything like what they use to be ! i am looking for something as close to the original recipe as possible. I even had a dream a few nights ago that these clowns that own tastykake now decided to make a run of the ORIGINAL
  5. I am having MAD cravings for the original recipies from TaskyKake. I remember growing up with tastykake when it was wrapped in wax paper. Has anyone managed to duplicate the butterscotch krimpets? Does anyone have a recipe for them? If you have one I would appreciate it. Thanks
  6. Thanks for your replies... Yes when I thought about it later.... I realized that it was likely something they made. I wonder if you can place an order for a whole one.
  7. Hi does anyone know where that fabulous Marjolaine cake that Tony Bourdain was eating ... came from ? A bakery or what ? Thanks
  8. Hi I just saw your answers.... thanks very much. I have been forgetting to check the site. Thanks so much for your help.
  9. I find myself with time to travel... I want to spend several months in Lyon.... eating. What I am interested in are good markets and good bakers. Can anyone please recommend a good location in Lyon near an EXCELLENT boulangere for morning croissants and baguettes. I want to start looking for a place that would be near the baker. I have never been to Lyon so this will be alot of fun. Thanks for your help.
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