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  1. Excellent use for that arrow.
  2. My understanding is that Garland attempted to enter the consumer market but shortly after decided to step back, at that time Prizer-Painter Stove Works got into an agreement to take over the endeavor, keeping the open burner configuration. But I may be wrong, I usually am. Just ask my wife, she'll tell you.
  3. Well, I've offered. Not sure what can be found for your request. As I stated previously, I spent more than my budget allowed at the time, but I'm happy with the purchase. Good luck with your search
  4. Back in the early eighties we would steal the steak knives from the 99s restaurants in the area. And their sweet pepper relish that was on the table. Both were good quality. Then I managed a similar themed restaurant and started seeing the shrink of the same type of goods. I could only blame myself.
  5. No, I'm sorry to offend you, if indeed I did. Where are you in Mass? I'll meet you at Yale Appliance in Framingham, we can go over options. Be prepared to be appalled at the pricing of the offerings.
  6. I'm a great dishwasher. Where do you live? Always up for a good meal ...
  7. I may as well jump into the fray here.... I did a full demo and build on the kitchen in my mid fifties 1000sf ranch. Bathroom too. Well before commencing the demo I had been looking around for the goods I'd need to complete. Thinking about flooring, sink, range, dishwasher, fridge. Found a NIB JennAire 30" hood for 1/4 the price of new. Ordered the other appliances during the big sales days and haggled the price to much better pricing. I did find a 30" residential Bosch gas/gas convection range at the local Habitat for Humanity Restore. Just over $300, looked as if it it never been used. Needed to have the gas extended to the kitchen area, that gave me enough time get myself in trouble with this forum. Started looking at the threads for "high end" ranges, the BlueStar, with it's open burners, got me in it's clutches. Covid Stimulus $$$ sealed the deal. Got the wife pissed off at me when I ordered (haggled a good price) it. Yes, it was $4500. Running the gas line was another $500. I've saved close to that this year by not being able to eat out as often as before. I think I've become a better cook due to that. I think the expenditure was worth it. Sometimes it is the arrow that can make a better Indian. And that statement sounds somewhat wrong, these days. And I sold the Bosch at a small profit. Spend the money if you want the simple appliance. And @weinoo, I was in PTown a couple of weekends ago. Passed by Pop And Dutch, it was late in the day, off hours unfortunately. Wasn't able to go in.
  8. They sent my BlueStar with stainless knobs, I had ordered with black. They eventually sent the correct ones. Anybody need stainless knobs for a 30" range?
  9. Yessss........ Now, how to hide this from the wife?
  10. Whatever you do, don't Google "Google". You'll break the internet. BlueStar history: https://www.bluestarcooking.com/bluestar-celebrating-138-years-handcrafting-quality-cooking-equipment/
  11. CentralMA

    Fresh picked pears

    Thanks for the link. The pear chutney is a must.... I'll be working in that soon. And yes, pear butter is going to happen this week.
  12. We have a neighbor that has a pear tree in the backyard, lots of fruit every year. Wife and I finally agreed to come and pick them, take whatever we wanted. Still lots left on the tree. What to do with them? They're still a bit tart, a bit hard. They'll come to a better texture in a week or two on the counter. I've got some sitting in a sugar/lemon juice mixture, they'll be made into pear preserves tomorrow. My wife has been baking up some pear crisp, some apple and pear crisp. Thinking about canning up some halves in syrup. Any other ideas out there?
  13. Best part of opening up a can of Heinz Beans is I know exactly what I'm going to get. My own cooking the beans, not so much.
  14. Stopped into an Indian market yesterday, these were $1.99US. All of their pricing on other items is good, I'm expecting this is one of the better pricing around.
  15. Cllay pots, especially "low fired" i.e. red ware type are extremely porous. Even glazed they can accept and lose moisture. Once you get into the upper ranges of kiln temperatures (cone 8, cone 9 and higher) the clay becomes vitreous, like glass, less able to absorb moisture. And like any clay vessel that is of a lower temp firing, bring the temp up slowly, no sudden shock to the body of the vessel. Found this on spanishtable.com: Cazuelas are kiln fired at 200°C and are brittle when new. They should be soaked in water for six hours prior to use for the first time. If you live in a very dry climate you may want to resoak occasionally. Once their moisture content is restored, they can be used over direct flame (gas or electric range) on low to medium (high heat not recommended), in the oven, or in the microwave. They may be washed in the dishwasher if they are placed so the rims do not bang against another dish as this may cause chipping. The cazuelas are durable if given minimum care & not subjected to abrupt temperature changes. https://www.spanishtable.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/cazuelarecipes.pdf
  16. Well you made me get up off my butt and go down to the basement (where most pots and pans reside) to get more info Looks like the mark shows "ATLAS METAL SPINNING CO SOSF CALIF" with a large stylized A in the center. No other logos I can see. Very pleased with this find. After the water boil I brought it down to the basement sink and attacked it with Barkeeper's. Pulled off the residue, got it to a nice surface. Then hit it with peanut oil on the flame to protect the steel. Hope to use it this week, get some more seasoning into it.
  17. That makes sense. There's more to the embossing, but it was blazing hot on the stovetop when I was trying to read it.
  18. Two other items from the same yard sale. Seems like a good quality round bottom wok, with a good quality stovetop ring. And an older bottle capper, with NOS caps in the original box. Pic of the wok is getting it boiled out, clean and sanitary. Handle has a maker mark on it, "SOSF. CALIF"?
  19. Forgot to mention that the free shipping offer has been extended to mid September.
  20. Paella pan arrived yesterday. Better packaging than the last purchase made from Darto, box was intact and in very good condition. Immediately scrubbed it down with soap and water, and still seeing residue of the linseed oil protectant I broke out the Barkeeper's Friend. First seasoning done with peanut oil and sliced potatoes, then another quick scrub and another layer of peanut, placed on the Weber gas grill while cooking dinner outside. Already has that look of a well used pan. Tomorrow the cuttlefish ink ordered from Amazon should be arriving. Arroz Negra is in the near future
  21. Drove by a "free" yard sale today, found a few things. This is in excellent condition, published 2007. I figure I'll give it a run through and then maybe pass it on to another.
  22. Received email this morning. Pan was shipped today, August 25th, 9:16AM EDT. Yay.
  23. I got the email for the shipping deal from Darto about 20 minutes before @FlashJackposted Kept asking myself, do I really need another pan in my life. Actually asked myself once. Just once. Paella n.27 will in DHL's hands soon. And then mine. Ordering some cuttlefish ink from Amazon too, planning on an arroz negro soon.
  24. Many years ago I worked functions at a country club style facility. Spent a lot of time grinding out weddings, sometimes 4 or 5 a weekend. Think of a place like a puppy mill, but for weddings. I tended bar, could make enough $$$ Friday - Sunday to be able to do most anything I wanted to during the week.Had a new house, a young one at home, worked out pretty well. The lull at the bar came when people were being called to their seats for dinner service. For me that was time to restock beer, ice, etc. Catch up on drink garnishes, empty liquors. The kitchen took the quick way out on plating prime rib dinners. Out came the behemoth slicer, ribs loaded on one by one, blade adjustment made, let the slicing begin. I'd get there just before it started, and would place bread in the catch tray of the slicer. As they sliced they'd catch it by hand, so only drippings and meat remnants would get collected by the bread. Beer cooler was just past the slicing station. I'd swing by, grab the bread collecting all the goodness, add more bread to the tray, back to the bar. After 3 or 4 trips I was well fed. Good times.
  25. A couple of years ago my wife told me about a good looking toaster at the local Goodwill. Stopping be there a couple of days later I found it, a four slice Dualit. $15. Couple of dents in the top, otherwise a very nice toaster. Month ago the timer (analog, think tic tic tic tic tic mechanical) would hang at the 30 second to go mark. Burnt a few slices that day, filled the kitchen with smoke. New timer found on Amazon, $50. 10 minute install/replacement. Came with a new front dial knob. Gotta love those Brits....
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