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    The Terrine Topic

    Duck galantine with pistachios and foie gras. Served with red onion marmalade and rocket.
  2. Pig's trotters, sweetbreads, pigeon, goat, comté... aw man...
  3. We cooked some great frites with rendered horse fat when in Mougins, France.
  4. Manresa is now serving a 5 year comté from the french affineur Bernard Anthony, widly considered to be the best cheese from possibly the best affineur in the world. Yet another reason to sell my child for medical experiments so I can get myself over there.
  5. MobyP

    Fluid gels

    the recipe itself is kinda nice but its wrong to say that gellan is "not thermoreversible" it can bear a lot of heat, but once you get to 100c it melts pretty quickly. ←
  6. MobyP

    Fluid gels

    this is not correct if you would apply strong sheer forces to a gelatin aka "jello" it would simply melt and reset. this doesnt happen with gellan, once set you can only remelt it with large amounts of heat ;-) ← Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think most people here, Nathan included, understand the impact of shear on gelatin. Nathan's statement inherently implies that it's a 'form of' jello put in a blender. A form of jello comprised of gelling agents that produce fluid gels when exposed to shear. At least that's how I read it ← Just to restate what Heston told me - he doesn't want a high velocity bamix or blender precisely because it begins to incorporate air into the mix. That's why he uses a slower overhead mixer to shear the cells without adding air. Otherwise you're making a foam, rather than a fluid gell.
  7. Ooh ooh - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (sorry, couldn't resist. MacRobuchon is coming to town!)
  8. There are a few importers at borough who could probably help you.
  9. MobyP


    the Escalopine de bar with caviar is an astonishing dish. You'll never have fresher sea bas in your life.
  10. There were some small issues, but they were cleared up. And I don't believe it had anything to do with cleanliness.
  11. MobyP


    "The language of priorities is the religion of Socialism." ← L'Ambroisie - "Working Man's Food."
  12. I will never again... cut that part of my finger off using a mandoline. Some things don't grow back.
  13. A friend had this on Friday. described it as being a bit 'stewy.'
  14. MobyP

    Alba v. Perigord

    A recent truffle meal in Paris
  15. MobyP


    I save up for quite a while, take on extra freelance writing jobs, and accept all birthday donations to pay for my trip (which includes a Eurostar train ticket arriving in the morning and leaving in the evening). You'll hear no complaints about price from me.
  16. Flour station bread (opposite game stall) best of the lot, as far as I can tell. Big crumb, big flavour, slow developed taste. Small production.
  17. MobyP


    Compared to what? Arpege?
  18. March 27th - I've got it written in. And double apologies to Alison Jee for calling her Sarah, which of course makes everything even worse. Is it the same schedule as before?
  19. MobyP


    A lunch with Magnolia at Once again I gave M. Pacaud a destination dish, in this case the Feuilleté de truffe fraiche "bel humeur", salad de mache, and asked if he could build me a meal around it. They kindly agreed. I don't have time for a full review - perhaps in a few days - but here are some pictures until then. Again, forgive the poor quality. The Menu: The amuse: Langoustine bisque with chardonnay, langoustine, with a dice of roasted pepper and pineapple Watercress puree with scallops, black truffle, and a truffle emulsion Then he went off-menu: Roasted pigeon with roast shallots, jerusalem artichokes, and sauce perigourdine. Finally the main event. Two thick slabs of black truffle surrounding a wedge of foie gras, roasted in puff pastry and served on a black truffle sauce. On the side a salad of mache with more black truffle. For dessert, a mandarin dessert centered around what I can only describe as a mandarin fondant, witth a mandarin sorbet and tuile on the side. By this point I was too full to remember to keep shooting, so I forgot to snap the miracle of a chocolate tart that came next, followed by mignardise. Will get to a proper review when I can.
  20. Bugger. I was supposed to go. Sorry Sarah.
  21. Here are pics of Matt's lamb. Due to a software change, I no longer know how to poste them here.
  22. Speaking of terrines, I'd like to find an oldish terrine en croute mould with ridged sides, either oval or rectangular. Any thoughts?
  23. MobyP

    Fluid gels

    It's not available online, unfortunately.
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