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  1. ---grill outside. we made bacon/eggs, bread, steaks

    Amen to that. When we bought our flat, it came with no appliances whatsoever and we had to wait 3-6 weeks for everything to show up. Fortunately the fridge came first. Appart from that, we headed straight over the road to our nearest DIY emporium and bought a big gas grill, on which we then cooked everything until the cooker arrived and we found someone to wire it into the wall. :wacko:

  2. I found this in the Waitrose Food Glossary:

    "About the size of a greengage, lychees have rough, pink, leathery skins surrounding pearly-white, translucent flesh. The skin should be firm and dry without any bruises. Inside, the flesh is sweet, smooth and really juicy, like that of a grape. Lychees are grown in Madagascar, South Africa, the Far East, Spain and Israel." (Emphasis mine.)

    Could it be that there's more easy-access lychee importers for the UK and France? Since moving to the UK, I've been quite aware of the different food import sources (South Africa, Israel, Spain) than those commonly seen in Canada (Mexico, California, Florida).

  3. Yes they're quite common - it was a very casual gift, as in "Look, I've brought you a box of lychees! They were only £2.50!" :biggrin:

    They're really good. As you describe, they have small pits and swollen, juicy flesh. I noticed that the ones in Chinatown have been better than those in the supermarkets, although apparently my gift box came from a cornershop somewhere in Essex.

  4. Drink with Gewurztraminer, comment how the lychee flavour in the wine is underlined by fruit in curry. Laugh to indicate self-irony moment.

    All of these ideas sounds great. And as I have eaten lychees for dessert three nights running and again for breakfast and STILL have loads of gorgeous lychees, I've no doubt I'll by trying most of them. (My lychee dessert tonight is frozen lychees - and torakris is right, they are a little trippy to unpeel.)

    But I will HAVE to do the red duck curry, if only so I can have a Balic Gewurztraminer moment. :laugh::laugh:

  5. Tonight: picked up a portion of cold roast duck in Chinatown (my new favourite takeaway)

    Which one?

    Er - embarrassingly, I haven't noticed its name. I was taken there by a Cantonese-speaking friend before her company sent her back to Toronto, and she told me that if I ever wanted takeaway roast or BBQ meats I should do it from there. It's on the same side of Gerrard Street as ECapital, it has a white facade, a slightly sunken dining room floor and a counter right by the door over which a large sign proclaims that takeaway cold meats are cash-only.

    I can point it out. :blush:

  6. Have been both busy and lazy lately, so apart from my huge Chinese New Year feast on Saturday I've generally been keeping things simple. Like this:

    Sunday: fried leftover rice with dried shrimp, Chinese pork sausage and choi sum, lychees

    Monday: leftover clear stock with pork and ginger meatballs, dried lillies, spring onion, lychees

    Tonight: picked up a portion of cold roast duck in Chinatown (my new favourite takeaway) and have just consumed it with rice and stir-fried spinach with garlic, and - you guessed it - lychees

    Tomorrow I will cook with the lychees. Stay tuned. :wink:

  7. I have been very kindly gifted with a very large box of lychees.

    Now, I love lychees. I eat them whenever I can. But I have to say, there's only so many lychees that two people in a small London flat can consume. I've done the cocktail thing with them, and while lychee cocktails are nice it's no way to go through a very large box of them.

    So. Ideas. Savoury or sweet, I'm up for just about anything.

    Help? :blink:

  8. The frightening thing is, when I first scanned through your report I took on board the "poached pairs" thing and rationalised that you were into eating poached things in pairs of flavours. So as I read that paragraph, I kept thinking, "Yes, but what was actually poached? What was the first thing, and what was the second?"

    It was only then that I clued in about the fruit.

    Okay. I had a couple of lychee martinis last night. I'm a little fuzzy-headed today. What of it? :rolleyes:

  9. Personally, I use a wok (stabilised with a wok stand) and a comparatively small amount of oil for the deep frying so things don't bubble over, and I open ALL the windows.

    Still, things do get pretty steamed up. :biggrin:

  10. Dunlop's recipe (in Sichuan Cookery) for "Fragrant and Crispy Duck" says to marinate the duck overnight, steam for an hour and 30 minutes, then deep-fry for 10 minutes on each side.

  11. The poor waif was the victum of a classist and patriarcal society. Damn men.

    She seemed to do pretty well for a victum. (:wink:) Although it's true her ambition was greatly helped by her celebrated beauty - damn men:


  12. ...with her blessing, as her dad's shift to Protestantism was a direct attempt to produce a son and disinherit her. She never quite got over the slight. :wink:

    Edit: hey, did someone say road trip to Edinburgh? In period costume? :wacko:

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