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  1. Fresh Flavours of India is published by Conran Octopus (www.conran-octopus.co.uk). It has some great recipes in it. Some of my favs are:

    Garlic pickle

    Coconut chutney

    Tamarind rice

    Green mango & shallot salad

    Moru kachiathu with green banana and mango (bright yellow and tangy)

    ...and finally the Pal Payasam, a stunningly good rice pudding with cardamon, ghee, cashews and raisins that brings people to their knees when they try it.

    The book was written by the owner of the Rasa restaurants in London, which I'm very fond of. However, I know that Simon doesn't share my enthusiasm... :unsure:

  2. Because it was hot last night (and because unlike Jinmyo and SobaAddict, I am a lazy git), I made a simple bowl of pho.

    Beef stock simmered with star anise, cinnamon, shallot & ginger whilst the rice noodles softened

    Nuoc Mam

    Thinly sliced raw sirloin steak

    A few beansprouts



    Thai basil



    Sat in garden, watching immature Bramleys drop off my tree as the cat preformed acobatics in the top branches.


    Miss J

  3. well we never want to offend the chicks with big horns tommy. We like the chicks with big horns :biggrin:

    Interestingly, in English slang "horn" indicates an entirely different (male) body part. So when I first read the "chicks with big horns" comment, I thought you were talking about hermaphrodites. :wacko:

    Miss J

    (Edit disclosure: removed catch phrase that would only make sense to those who've watched The Fast Show.)

  4. Careful, the eccles cakes are addictive. I regularly stop by on my way *back* from the gym and undo everything I've just done... I'm almost relieved if they have run out by the time I get there.

    I know. I'm fully prepared for the day that I wake up in my living room, unsure how I got there, dressed in last weeks' clothes with The Velvet Underground looping on the stereo and a fine film of eccles cake crumbs on every surface...

  5. The only thing I've ever seen on this subject was in Sichuan Cookery by Fuschia Dunlop. She describes how to dry-roast peanuts in a wok by filling the wok with salt and raw peanuts in their pink skins, and stirring the whole mix over heat until the skins have flaked off and the nuts are roasted.

    How that will help you super-salt your pistachios in brine, I don't know. But that's all I can offer. :smile:

    Miss J

  6. Your standard workout dinner yesterday evening:  broiled chicken breasts and couscous, steamed veggies.

    Soba, I SO knew you weren't just going to leave it at that. :biggrin:

    Miss J

  7. Many thanks to all of you!

    Looks like St-John might be the choice. The only problem with the museum restaurant is that you don't get that "restaurant and museum" day trip feeling. It's nice to make the trek to London for at least two very different experiences.


    In that case, you MUST go for a drink at least in the top floor restaurant. The views are stunning. (And so was the beetroot gravadlax I had, but that's another story...)

    Miss J

  8. Last night was a bit of a "using things up" night.

    - Leftover boneless, skinless chicken breasts (my boyfriend insists on buying them), which I marinated in OO and a dribble of balsamic vinegar, grilled on the BBQ and served with a tangle of roasted peppers.

    - Panzanella with toasted leftover bloomer, red wine vinegar, EVOO, fresh garlic and basil.

    - Grilled courgettes.

    It was hot & sunny in London this weekend - hurrah!

  9. Noodles for me are invariably of the Asian variety these days (pasta is a whole different foodstuff), although the 'comfort' variety I was raised with was much more along the lines of egg-noodles with meat stews. They're nice, but not high in my favourites at the mo'.

    Noodle dishes that currently make me go weak at the knees:


    Dan-Dan Noodles


    Zaru Soba (my first-ever Japanese meal when I was a homestay student in Yokohama)

    Miss J

  10. Since it's currently cold, wet and grey in the UK, I made a rib-sticking Sunday lunch for a crowd before heading back out to work in Dusseldorf on Monday. We had:

    Roast pork with crackling (crisped with a kettleful of boiling water before popping into the oven)

    Roast potatoes in goosefat

    French-cut runner beans

    Sweet-sour red cabbage with cream (a nice purple-y pink-y mess)

    ...all served with lashings of Sauvignon Blanc (from New Zealand), and followed by syllabub.

    All very old skool and unhealthy. Great fun, though.

    Miss J

  11. I love The Salusbury. Good, simple Italian food and decent wine - and cheap by this forum's exalted standards. :smile:

    I had a osso bucco with braised fennel and homemade saffron pappardelle there a few months ago, and it was gorgeous. It was so nice I nearly floated out afterwards (which is impressive given how much I'd eaten). The Salusbury's only flaw is that it's full of loud trustafarians...Queens Park is becoming more like Notting Hill every day.

    Miss J

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