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  1. Can you tell me the name of the shop? Merci!
  2. There is a small ice cream shop on the rue de Buci across from the Champion grocery store that makes wonderful ice creams. I regret I did not make a note of the name! My husband went in for ice cream and I went to Jean-Pierre Carton for a bag of thin almond cookies that I love. BIG MISTAKE on my part!! The sorbet he had was INCREDIBLE--intense fruit flavor and perfect consistency. I would have gone in but there was a line but at least I had the wonderful cookies. I don't think it is a Berthillon shop--I wish I had been more attentive!
  3. Fifi--thanks SO MUCH! We have returned from Houston, but will save this wonderful article for a future trip! This is just the information I needed!
  4. Both Whole Food stores are great--the new one on Magazine is spectacular, but I have many friends who prefer the old location on Esplanade. Dorignac's in Metairie is good and is known as having the best wine prices in town. Great meat market also.
  5. Campiello in Naples is FABULOUS and worth a drive! Never a disappointment! It was recommended to us by a local and never fails to thrill us!
  6. Thank you all for the informative responses! When I said I didn't mind driving, I meant the Houston area because that is where we will be! I have heard of some great places in Austin and would certainly try them when there. I realize that asking for typical "Mexican" covers a lot of ground and the regions are as different as those in the USA. I have travelled both coasts(not much interior) of Mexico and love the food. I would be happy with any restaurant that was a good representation of the food of its' region--please no nachos made with processed cheese! I am not familiar with Pappasito's--is it run by the Pappas family who have so many restaurants around Houston?
  7. Am I asking the impossible? We would like Mexican food while in Houston and don't want the predictable Tex-Mex smothered in melted cheese, but more in the realm of regional Mexican food or "real" Mexican food. I know there must be places like that and we are willing to drive to find them. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  8. The best restaurant in Naples is Campiello--far and away the best. Recommended by a local to us as his favorite, I would not hesitate to send anyone there.
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