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  1. Thanks to everyone who posted suggestions and favorites for me. I was not sure whether to start a new topic thread or just add the my original posting. The hospitalization went very well and prior to going in we enjoyed Kubo and Prego in Rice Village and Raven Grill on Bissonet near the university. After discharge we were not in the Residence Inn that I had hoped to reserve but were in a good location in the Residence Inn on Westpark. Great location, a block away from Goode Co Seafood and the Kirby corridor. Of course, he did not want seafood(which he loves)but insisted on BBQ at Goode's. What a mistake, but it is hard to convince a man he should not eat a brisket sandwich when he has not eaten much in several days!!! We will be making trips there in the near future and I have copied all suggestions for our return trips.
  2. Thanks danhole! I love being able to read reviews. I will spend some time on that site.
  3. Thanks apronless! I don't mind joining--I belong to several yahoo groups. I appreciate the info.
  4. Thanks Bruce. i had found those two sites while searching. I would love to find an active local dining forum, wish the Rice Village was had better posts to offer than "woot woot woot".
  5. Well, we just LOVE THAT CHICKEN FROM POPEYE'S!!! Unfortunately, we live within a mile of one and know the menu all too well!! Frenchy's sounds like a do not miss.
  6. Glad to know about burgers on OST. We will staying awhile in that area after hospitalization.
  7. Thanks Mark. I saw Cafe Rabelais in the archives, glad to know it is still open. I am printing your list.
  8. I checked the archives here and everything was from 2005 or so. We will be at Methodist Hospital in October. Anything really good nearby? Can go to Rice Village but probably not every day. We will probably be staying an extra week but will not be ranging very far from the Med Center area. We have been to Benjy's in Rice Village and really liked it, would go back. Any other favorites?
  9. I have been following this thread as had planned on dining there in October. Very close to where we will be staying and the first report sounded very interesting. I certainly hope someone has a better experience there in the following months!
  10. We love Ma Bourgogne but I can't remember if they offer menu. I love the ham hock in lima beans, some other salt meat with lentils--I have had them both several times. The setting under the arcade cannot be beat!
  11. Yes, I was going to add more later, just ran our of time! The chef's menu mirrors the a la carte menu but not strictly according to staff. Chef's menu that night started with watermelon carpaccio with feta, pistachio oil and essence of fig. Following that--summer onion tart with roasted grapes, watercress, walnuts and sweetbreads. Next was what they call lamb "cooked on a nail" with roasted cauliflower and a mixture of tomatoes with cucumbers and mint. Dessert was a ganache brownie with a homemade marshmallow. My husband ordered foie gras with potato dumplings and beets and halibut with tiny green beans with potatoes and fennel. The fish was cooked just barely done which was perfection. We were seated in a porch room that was glassed in with great views of the harbour and Mt. Battie and they encourage seating side by side at 4 tops instead of opposing each other in order to enoy the view. I really enjoy that European custom and wish we found it more often in this country. I am sure I will be in a tiny minority in saying this, but we enjoyed this much more than our dinner 2 years ago at Primo. We do love Francine in Camden and dine there each week we are there. This is a different experience and both are just wonderful in what they accomplish.
  12. We dined at Natalie's in Camden Harbour Inn in Camden Maine last week and loved it!! This is NOT the same as Natalie's at the Mill although it started out as that. Natalie's moved to Camden Harbour Inn to partner with the new owners but left, taking her chef. The new chef is fabulous and does amazing things with local produce, seafood and meat. A chef's tasting menu is offered but not required for all at the table which I think is VERY smart! Our server just let us know that dishes would be coming out at different times which was great as we shared everything and enjoyed the many taste thrills The menu is not overly long but offers one each-- fish, poultry, beef, lamb, lobster and I think a vegetarian dish and several hot and cold appetizers. Service was polished but not stiff, friendly but not intrusively overly familiar and knowlegeable about the wine list(nice choices by the glass)and menu. We loved the refurbishment of the inn and would like to have stayed there--great location overlooking the harbour and Mt. Battie and off the hwy. which is a bonus!! What a very special evening there and we are looking forward to next year!!
  13. Thanks for the responses. I was actually asking for a friend who wants to send his dtr in law as a surprise gift. She could probably do fine in a pro class but he specifically asked for classes in English which are hard to find. Cordon Bleu offers pastry classes with english translation but the classes are scattered over several Saturdays for several months which would not work for her.
  14. Bripastryguy--how does that taste?
  15. A friend wants to surprise his wife who loves to bake with a class in Paris for 1 week. This would need to be geared for an interested, motivated home cook--no aspirations for professional level. Where would you go if given the opportunity?
  16. Dear Ms. Insanity--that looks WONDERFUL!!! Have you ever made it? Maybe that is your blog? I would love to see a sliced section of that. The chocolate sounds great but I guess would require refrigeration because of the egg yolks?
  17. I am also a fan of whipped ganache--I know, not what you seek, but I agree with above posters that American chocolate icings are just not what I like. I use Dorie's bittersweet ganache recipe, let it cool then whip. The children in the family lick it off cupcakes or whatever I put it on. Not too sweet, not too chocolate-y, not gritty and not hard--it is just right!! It can be made in advance and re-whipped when necessary. Who needs cake when one has this wonderful topping?
  18. Aria B--I have made Dorie's lemon cream several times and find it addicting! I don't think it has a buttery mouthfeel--I would just call it creamy, lemony, divine.
  19. I have a KA grinder attachment and had a lot of trouble with the blade and plate becoming gummed up with white connective tissue looking gunk within just a few seconds of grinding. I was not getting a smooth extrusion of meat--just gummy sprigs. I even tried buying new knife blades--same story. I bought a nice manual grinder and have the same problem. I chill the blades, body of grinder and the meat is really cold--almost frozen. I have used pork shoulder, lamb shoulder, veal, and finally bought really well trimmed beef stew meat from a butcher. Same problem with whatever I do. I have tried really trimming all visible white tissue away but leave the fat. Time consuming, to say the least. I am SO tired of cleaning grinders after making such a mess. Can anyone give any suggestions?
  20. Thanks! I have not made it yet and will wait until last minute. I hope to make just enough to avoid freezing any--just feeding 6 people so I don't need a lot.
  21. I will be making gremolata for dinner tonight and would like to make it this afternoon. Will it suffer by sitting? I figured the parsley would darken but wondered if the lemon zest woud help keep it longer?
  22. Emily Lucchetti's Raspberry Champagne Cream Cake--like eating a cloud with fresh raspberry sauce inside.
  23. Thanks for all suggestions--I feel a potato fantasia coming on!
  24. Thanks Smithy! I think our library has that book. I will find it and follow his instructions.
  25. I have several variations of potatoes au gratin and they always turn out too dry. I have tried adding more cream, covering with foil until done then browning but I never seem to get a nice saucy finish. I know I should probably cook the potatoes a little first, but don't want to end up with a loosely liquid mess. Does anyone have a tried and true method that turns out a nicely saucy dish?
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