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  1. Good Afternoon! I am looking for a solution to my packaging labor cost and productivity problems. I'm not sure I'm using the proper terminology so please be patient. I need to use child resistant barrier bags (link below) for small truffles, pate de fruit, and even bars. We have to sticker both sides, 4-8 pieces and a silica packet are placed inside, and they need to be heat sealed. My staff seems to be able to do a bag in a minute and a half (I know, right?). Because I want to package the food right away, I need to bag 500 for 2 hours of hours at the end of the day with minimal labor. Or maybe I do all the bagging on one day a week but that'd have to produce 1000+ bags in 8 hours and my current method is 25 hours of straight labor. I literally have no idea where to begin. https://www.clearbags.com/3-5-8-x-5-gold-backed-metallized-hanging-zipper-barrier-bags-100-pieces-hzbb4cg.html
  2. Thank you everyone for your advice. Now I just need to choose a model of stand alone vibrator and am wondering if anyone has experience with these models: TCF has two: https://www.tcfsales.com/products/1224-chocolate-vibration-table-with-grid/ https://www.tcfsales.com/products/251-chocolate-vibration-table-with-grid/ and I found this one as well. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Stainless-steel-Electric-chocolate-vibration-table_60430093953.html?spm=a2700.7724857.normalList.14.4c869912IdoSJi
  3. Thank you for the reply. You've answered a few of my posts and I appreciate that. Can I temper milk and chocolate gianduja together? How would I set the temperatures because they're very different.
  4. I made 2 layer cannabis infused milk/dark gianduja with feuilletine and the dark and milk layers are splitting. I'm devastated because that confection is my favorite hands down. This is the second time I've run into this issue. Even though I heated the first layer so it was slightly melted before I added the second, it's still splitting. I'm losing over half the pieces. I've tried 2 knives and a guitar cutter. The guitar cutter won't even get through the dark gianduja. I could heat and put together each piece but it looks horrible. So now I have all these split pieces. What can I make, even if I have to separate the milk from dark by hand (ugh)? It contains cannabis so I'm not tossing it out and would like to make something I can sell. I really don't feel like wasting more time guessing for a solution so I hope the community can help. Also, in the future, how do I make this work? How does anyone? Should I not temperthe gianduja so it will be softer?
  5. Scaling Up: I use the basic Boiron recipe [1000g fruit, 1000g sugar, 200g glucose, 100g sugar, 25g pectin) except I use citric acid. I use an induction burner and heavy stainless pot. Each batch takes about 45 minutes. It's working and in general, I'm happy with the process. . Business is good, I need to scale up and I have no idea how. Do I need a Savage Fire mixer? What about custom silicone frames and a large cutter? Who can I turn to for help? I called two of the bigger candy equipment companies and got zero help! As I write this I wonder if the answer isn't just more staff and induction burners.
  6. Hi! I am a small cannabis caregiver in Maine. I'm not the typical caregiver, I focus on artisanal edibles like truffles and pate de fruit using local ingredients whenever possible. I'm expanding, focusing on CBD products and even making some plain non infused items. I face a lot of challenges and I have many questions. I also have a lot of knowledge to give. Thank you.
  7. I'm looking to use magnetic molds with cocoa butter transfers but everything is too small for my two bite treats. The biggest cavity I can find is 15g but I don't like the shapes. There isn't a plain circle or square. Has anyone had custom magnetic molds made?
  8. @Merry Berry: I use the Boiron recipe except I use fruit that I puree myself. I am aware that Boiron purees are 10% sugar, so maybe thats what I should try. I use locally sourced fresh fruit exclusively and do not want to change the recipe to something juice based. For pectin I use the Chef Rubber Pate De Fruit pectin. Also, I need to be able to scale up the process so i can make more than one batch at a time but I don't know where to start for professional equipment.
  9. I'm OK with that for now. Everything I make is molded. Do you have any recommendations for where to buy used equipment besides eBay, Craigslist, and thechocolatelife?
  10. I make shell molded truffles. After my neck fusion, shaking out chocolate from the molds is difficult at best. I went to a local chocolate shop and they have a Savage Brothers temperer with a vibrating machine built in over the bowl. They flip the mold over, turn the vibrator on, and dump the chocolate that way and it looks wonderful. They also double wall these truffles. That machine is $50,000 I'm told. I need a bigger tempering machine than what I have as well. I currently use a Revolation Delta and I love it. I'd get the 3Z but it doesn't have a vibrating machine build in. I prefer to buy used. I need suggestions that are in the $5000-$8000 range if they even exist. I'm self taught so any advice would be helpful.
  11. Right now I'm making Pate De Fruit one small batch at a time. I use the Boiron recipes, but with local fruit which I buy in season, seed, and freeze. The biggest problem I use to have making them is burning the bottom. I can never stop stirring it and constantly scraping the bottom, not even for 20 seconds. Now that I had a neck fusion, stirring for an hour straight is becoming a burden. Is there any equipment or machinery for making jellies from fruit, that people can recommend? Also, I could use recommendations for frames. I use rulers but I'd like a frame.
  12. Im going to try the Boiron passion fruit recipe but i want to use pear puree instead of apricot. Would I need to change the amount of sugar, pectin or acid? Thank you for helping.
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