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  1. I have since learned this will happen with all silicone molds.
  2. Note: there is no cannabis in this candy. We are R&D hard candy and getting wierd surface bubbles. Could it be the heavy silicone mold? Any ideas or solutions?
  3. I want to make sure i understand this correctly: A melanger will crush coffee beans so fine theirtexture will be imperceptible in the final product. Whats the average capacity for a small unit? How long does this process take for 10 pounds at time? Thanks!
  4. My first plan is to make a flavoring that will not seize the chocolate. I have cold brew i will distill until all the moisture is gone. My second plan is to seep cocoa butter in coffee beans. Drewman i love that idea. MikanPotatoes: i am collaborating with a local coffee roaster. Question about the melanger. Im not making bean to bar. Can i use any chocolate in the machine?
  5. How can i make a coffee flavoring from scratch that won't seize chocolate?
  6. Hello Fellow Forum Friends! I am in the cannabis industry and every batch of edibles must be tested for heavy metals. Here in Maine the standard for cadmium in chocolate is lower than european standards, .5mg/kg in Maine, .8mg/kg in Europe. We havent failed yet but came close last week, using the same brand of chocolate we had tested in previous batches. The company i consult for has concerns. While they LOVE the chocolate they are using, one failed batch could cost thousands so we need options. Does anyone know of a certified low cadmium chocolate?
  7. We do not use cannabutter and our pate comes out fine. It doesn't seem to effect anything
  8. Oops spell check changed deseeding to deserting
  9. Oh my god thank you. Thank you so much.ive I've scoured the internet for a year to figure out how deserting is done commercially. A few asked what this is for: I am trying to scale up my cannabis infused pate de fruit because for testing purposes small batches are cost prohibitive. We try to only use locally sourced fruit. Commercially prepared is really not something we want to avoid. (that said weather has caused such massive crop loss that might change this year). Currently we cast in a frame. We'd like to go to a small depositor from Lloynds and those choke on a seed.
  10. I need to deseed about 2000 pounds of raspberries and blackberries each year and will need to do strawberry next year. Using a sieve for 5 pounds at a time is a nightmare. Steam juicing is slightly easier but we can still only do 5-6 pounds at a time. I know there's a better way but over the last 6 weeks I've spent hours and hours on Google trying to figure out if such a machine exists and what it is called, and I'm stuck. What do jelly companies use? Does anyone have any ideas?
  11. We currently use a Chocovision and that's slow.
  12. With a large capacity tempering machine from Selmi, a mold that holds 4 chocolate bars, and a cooling cabinet that can hold 32 molds, could one person make 1000 bars in a day, which is 250 molds? Would a depositor head speed things up? They'd have to fill, chill, and knock out 250 molds and that seems impossible for one 8 hour shift. I'm assuming we will need two people but would like to hear from some experts. Also, how long does it take to clean out one of those machines if you want to switch chocolates, say from dark to white? We are targeting a Selmi EX Plus with a 60KG capacity.
  13. Thank you! Kerry I am now hearing about service issues from a few people. Apparently they just shut down during August. I know Selmi is good but need at least one other option. What about Gami?
  14. An update: I've taken a job consulting other cannabis companies on edibles production and I am right back to this question! We are leaning tiowards an FBM system with separate tanks to melt and mix the chocolate, and a 25 or 45kg continuous tempering machine to do that work. Has anyone had experience with FBM, good or bad?
  15. Updating: I am still looking for cooling solutions but now I am interested in professional options. What else is available for purchase in the US besides the Hilliards and the one TCF Sales has? And what would you need to make one? A fridge you can set to 55° and something to keep the humidity low?
  16. The people who selected the equipment aren't with the company anymore.
  17. Has anyone used a dough proofer to warm molds? The previous confectioner had the company buy one and I'm not exactly sure why.
  18. I don't need cannabis procedures. I am looking for SOP for chocolate or candy without cannabis. I can update them with cannabis compliance.
  19. I need to document S.O.P. for all my cannabis confections and the government has to review them. Every flavor of every confection. I can document ingredients, equipment, and the steps to take from start to finish, including how I dose products, but is that enough? Can anyone recommend a book or template?
  20. At least I think it is. I will be making my version of a Ferrero rocher. I made a 50/50 caramel to hazelnut praline paste mixture and I'm adding it to milk chocolate, and that mixture is 50% chocolate and 50% praline paste. I'm using the EZ Temper but it's too soft and didn't seem to temper. Once upon a time I had issues tempering Valrhona gianduja and this forum suggested tempering at a very low temp, it worked, and it saved the day. But I wasnt using EZ Temper then, and EZ Temper says to do everything at 92.5 degrees. My questions are: Will my mixture not temper at all? The Valrhona is a professional product and I'm doing this from scratch. Should I do it at a lower temperature?
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