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  1. I'm finally building out my kitchen and since cleaning is a huge bottleneck for us, I'm taking the cleaning station very seriously. Obviously there will be chocolate going down the drain and I need a grease trap. I also want to put in a commercial dishwasher. Can I please get some advice on how big a grease trap I should buy and advice on commercial dishwashers for chocolatiers?
  2. I apologize if there is already a thread on this. I need an a cooling solution for shell molded truffles and bars, maybe some hand dipped, no more than $1000. The Hilliards Cooling Cabinet is really great and i have one but I can not get a second one. I went to a shop once that had a fridge without a door and they kept the room around 55°. I am looking for opinions and suggestions. Thank you.
  3. This is what I'm looking at https://marijuanapackaging.com/products/custom-cr-slide-box-with-two-tabs
  4. This is for cannabis infused truffles which require special child proof packaging. We hand wrap up to 2000 bon bons per week and it's crushing my expenses. For environmental reasons, we are switching from plastic bags to cardboard boxes. It would be a lot less expensive if I had a divider in the box, and I could put each truffle in a cavity without foil or paper cups. I would then put each box in an eco-friendly bag. This could be a very significant savings. I don't want a custom plastic tray. Is there special papers or inks I should be looking at?
  5. Thank you Teo. I have a refractomoeter so I'll check the sugar/pectin content of the fruit before i cook now!.
  6. Dark chocolate truffles with a white chocolate and passion-fruit or strawberry Inspirations ganache with 10MG of THC.
  7. My recipe is based on someone else's award winning caramel sauce for ice cream and it's so easy to fill the truffles. The filling needs o set up before you cap them. If you use clarified butter the consistency will be more velvety and they set up within a half hour. My ratios are 5 parts sugar to 3 parts cream to 3 parts (clarified) butter. I cook the sugar over 300 degrees before adding the butter then I take it off the burner and add the cream. You want the caramel dark brown but not black before you add the butter. If it smells like it's burning it is and creates a most wonderful taste. I don't even use a thermometer any more. I go by look and smell.
  8. Kerry: I use the Boiron PDF as a template. teonzo: Blackberries are my problem. In previous years someone foraged them for me and the berries were much smaller. This year I reached out to a local farm and they're huge! About half of the blackberries were at least an inch tall and I'm not exaggerating. I'll add some more pectin. Thank you.
  9. Good Afternoon fellow bakers, confectioners, and chocolatiers! While there is no shortage of companies that can provide basic candy packaging, I am struggling to find companies that can also handle more modern looking packaging and counter displays. Can anyone recommend a company that they have worked with that can help me with something more than a bar sleeve, foil, and a corrugated box?
  10. The refractometer helped us set the recipe temperatures. Apparently our blackberry and raspberry jellies need to get to 80 brix, which we hit at 227, and even then they're a little soft and weepy but at least can be sold. We are doing 85% berries and 15% pears which has helped but we can't seem to match our blueberry, strawberry and peach. I've been thinking of trying extra pectin.
  11. I purchased a large number of molds directly from Chocolat Form in Italy and saved a ridiculous amount of money. Including shipping, and accounting for the exchange rate, I paid $14.69 per mold. Miraculously the molds got past customs and were delivered to Maine in 3 days. If that's not an option Chocolat-Chocolat is cheaper than Tomric, even after shipping.
  12. I did get one. We haven't needed to use it until lately. Thank you!
  13. This years berries are juicier than last years. The blackberries are at least twice the size. Because I use fresh local fruit from several different farms up here, the water content I'm starting out with is inconsistent and some of my jellies, raspberry and blackberry, are coming out too soft. I've tried adding 10-15% pear and that's helping a little but not enough. I currently add 25 grams of pectin to my pate de fruit and cook them to 225 degrees. What would be more effective: adding an extra gram of pectin or cooking the jellies to 126 degrees?
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