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  1. The refractometer helped us set the recipe temperatures. Apparently our blackberry and raspberry jellies need to get to 80 brix, which we hit at 227, and even then they're a little soft and weepy but at least can be sold. We are doing 85% berries and 15% pears which has helped but we can't seem to match our blueberry, strawberry and peach. I've been thinking of trying extra pectin.
  2. I purchased a large number of molds directly from Chocolat Form in Italy and saved a ridiculous amount of money. Including shipping, and accounting for the exchange rate, I paid $14.69 per mold. Miraculously the molds got past customs and were delivered to Maine in 3 days. If that's not an option Chocolat-Chocolat is cheaper than Tomric, even after shipping.
  3. I did get one. We haven't needed to use it until lately. Thank you!
  4. This years berries are juicier than last years. The blackberries are at least twice the size. Because I use fresh local fruit from several different farms up here, the water content I'm starting out with is inconsistent and some of my jellies, raspberry and blackberry, are coming out too soft. I've tried adding 10-15% pear and that's helping a little but not enough. I currently add 25 grams of pectin to my pate de fruit and cook them to 225 degrees. What would be more effective: adding an extra gram of pectin or cooking the jellies to 126 degrees?
  5. For whatever reason, my suppliers are only able to get Callebaut Milk C823 and not 823. I know the 823 is more fluid. I don't care why the distributors are only carrying C823 right now because i need to get bars out a.s.a.p. Will the C823 be ok or should i call my client and put off my order until the regular 823 becomes available?
  6. The old recipe with more glucose works much better.
  7. Fascinating. I did recently rework my ganache formula to get a better shelf life and it worked in that I got an AW value under 7 but now I have these problems. I lowered the glucose from 8.81% to 5.8% of the total recipe. For the entire recipe, free water changed from 20.45% water and 29.05% sugar to 21.73% water 26.48% sugar. I just made a batch using the old formula and it came together much much better. I'll try it in shells next week. Should glucose be 50% of the free water? Thank you Kerry!
  8. Whoa so isn't that another version of the Valrhona Inspiration line? Also I would much much rather use a natural color additive over titanium dioxide. Inn fact, titanium oxide is why I don't use colored cocoa butter.
  9. I am definitely referring to Gianduja. Their dark gianduja is too firm to cut with a guitar.
  10. I'm having the exact same problem and I know it's a combination of the shells being too thin and the filling drying out. It only became an issue when I switched to molds with small cavities and reformulated my ganache. My espresso went from a 22 gram cavity to 9. and the best flavor balance is 5 grams of chocolate and 4 grams of filling. The sides and bottom are fine, the top caves. How long it takes to cave depends on the filling. I also wonder if the original poster and I are making fillings that just aren't meant for molded truffles. Some of what I'm doing is altering a firm ganache, and I recently retooled my recipe to see if I could get a longer shelf life (and it worked, my AW value was about 6.8) but my new formula is definitely drying out and I need to reformulate it again.. I'll try more glucose but I didn't like the flavor when I did that. Would invert sugar be better? My rule of thumb has been glucose in molded truffles, invert sugar in any that gets enrobed or dipped. I definitely won't use sorbitol.
  11. I had the same problem cutting through Valrhona Gianduja actually. There's a whole thread about my disaster. I ended up just molding it.
  12. Can I get some personal recommendations for companies from people who have had chocolate bar boxes printed? Google keeps pointing me to either companies that don't make boxes, or images of other companies chocolates. I'm using a stock box right now but I don't like the window it has. It's 4.75x2x3/8in. Here's a link: http://www.chocolat-chocolat.com/home/packages/c378155631/p17716241.html
  13. That's ridiculous and I bet you're lawyer will take care of it. It should be the % of alcohol itself in the entire recipe. Good luck and I'll keep an eye out for updates.
  14. Can I get a link for some of those flow-wrappers? We don't have to do that yet here but I'm sure it's coming.
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