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  1. Hi, So I'm looking for safe cookware and bakeware for everyday usage. I have done a bit of research and have been enlightened by this article on safe cookware. I'm avoiding aluminium (reacts to acidic food), nonstick Teflon (PFOA), stainless steel (Nickel). I am keen on using glass and enamel coated cookware and bakeware, as they are nonreactive. What are some brands that are safe and do not contain lead? Any one has their own good or bad experiences with these? Thank you and have a nice day!
  2. I've researched it a little, and I know that I need the proper cookware in order for it to work. I have read this article on induction cookware set and it has really enlightened me. Now am I'm comparing two stainless steel cookware sets from the same manufacturer. One has 8 pieces and the other has ten plus an induction cooktop. The differences in the basis sets are that the 10 piece has a 3 quart pan with lid and the 10-piece also has a larger stockpot (8 quarts versus 6 quarts). In addition, the 10 piece has a current offer for a free portable induction cooktop. The 10 piece is $130 more than the 8 piece, so I'm leaning toward the 8 piece unless someone says the induction cooktop is a must-have item. I see it as likely to be put in a cabinet and not used much, but I'm definitely open to hearing good things about it. Have you used a portable induction cooktop, and if so, which of these cookware sets is a better deal? Thanks for your thoughts!
  3. Breakfast cereals those days were made from real cereal and whole grain such as Oat,bran.corn,and such and are call "cereal" which contain protein, carbohydrates, calcium, fiber, iron, folic acid, and zinc and less fat, sodium, sugar, and cholesterol and are good for the health and help fight cardiovascular disease. which are good for bowel and metabolic health Breakfast cereal these days which are targeted for Children - AKA JUNK FOODS are not really and con-not claims as cereal. -They are fortified with vitamins and minerals are catchy but it doesn't mean it's a healthy choice or relevant as Kids can get vitamins and minerals from other food. Most of these are sugary cereal contain more sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavoring. eg sugary Cocoa Krispies cereal.made from processed, nutritionally-depleted rice starch and sugar (and more sugar), It just a Puff up rice that are roll it around in liquid sugar,
  4. Tanquerey without a doubt, second would be Bombay Saphire, then Gordons
  5. If you think cellulose is only in McDonalds foods, you are sadly mistaken. It's how companies make "low fat" foods by replacing some of the food with cellulose which is wood fiber and safe to eat, it just doesn't digest. Take a look at all the foods its in. http://naturalsociety.com/15-companies-w... Its also not NEW news...this first link I added is from 2011, this next link from last year. http://communities.washingtontimes.com/n... Think about this, the cellulose in wood is no different than the cellulose in any high fiber food which is also indigestible but not dangerous.
  6. Those 2 countries cuisine do not make a big difference really. The basic ingredients are still there like in the sambal (chili paste) to make curry - galangal (lengkuas), lemon grass, onions, ginger, garlic, chili, tumeric, belachan (fermented shrimp paste) fish sauce, thai basil, mint, to name a few. Yes there are long grain rice, glutinuous rice, basmati (indian) and even Jasmine rice. The dishes are more or less the same and maybe they are called a different name. All 3 countries use coconut milk, coconut products like grated coconut, tamarind juice in their curry. Example, rojak (vege salad mixed in peanut sauce) in Malaysia and Indonesia called it gado gado. Tom yam soup (thai sweet and sour soup) in Thailand, Malaysia called it assam and with coconut milk made into assam lemak and Indonesia called it mee java and so is mee goreng (spicy )fried noodles in all 3 countries. These countries are neighbors so their influences to each other in term of food, traditional costumes, cultures and tradition are only slight difference.
  7. I don't find it normal to be drinking the emulsion of fat globules secreted by domesticated cattle that were artificially inseminated, hooked up to an industrial strength vacuum and were forced to lactate non-stop, then mechanically remove the fat globules, crush them, then reinsert them.
  8. Print


    make sure you have some fat in your mince. Add an egg andor bread crumbs if you want, but neither is essential. tips: after you have mixed all the ingredients together, form into one or more large balls. Squeeze each to remove the air inside. Then, flatten on a board, and cut into half, then quarters, etc, to the size you want, that way each ball will be the same size. Then take each lump, and compress it in your palm, and roll between palms. Make all the balls before putting into the sauce. If you fry them first, beef ones will become hard. For the sauce, start with onions, cut into three mm dice, and fry immediately after chopping. Let the onions fry on medium heat for ten minutes, do not let them brown. Add garlic and fry for another five minutes, then add tomatoes. and continue to fry, until the oil separates, it should be dark red. Add any other ingredients, and let it simmer for about an hour. Then add the raw meat balls, continue to simmer until done. Add fresh herb just before the end.
  9. I would imagine one that is sweetened with all-natural, non-sugar Stevia would be the healthiest chocolate, since that is pretty much the only non-artificial sugar-free sweetener. I just buy the all-natural peanut butter with the cocoa/cocoa butter added in (the sole ingredients in dark chocolate that make it healthy to consume), and snack on it by the spoonful. It is pure win, and one of the healthiest things that you can eat daily. For healthy and tasty "chocolate milk", I just take a mixture of all-natural, unsweetened almond + coconut milk, and stir in some all-natural, cold-processed, non-sugar (Stevia) sweetened cocoa whey protein. Another pure win, healthy "chocolate" item.
  10. If on top of coffee you do donuts, pizza, chips etc. you'll make a killing. Don't try to make it fancy. Fancy Types don't eat out of trucks.
  11. i was planing to get in to Sous vide cooking but not sure how to go on it. i read that you can do it at home but , scared since i read some where that the water need to be circulated or you can get bacteria on the food . but theres no air so i'm not really sure. i was wondering could i just go on it with a pot ,thermator and hours of cooking?
  12. I like to cook, but mainly I like to eat! I accidentally over cooked some country style pork ribs once. I puzzled over them for a few min. then shredded all the meat, put it in a heavy pot with BBQ sauce and simmered it for quite some time. It made the best BBQ sandwiches I ever had. Some of the best things I make start off with a misQ in the kitchen. Anyway looking forward to interact and learn
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