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  1. I heard that Khmer food is some kind similar to Lao, Thai and Vietnamese food. If you're a food enthusiast, maybe you will interested in this culinary tour: https://www.bestpricevn.com/Tour_Culinary-Cambodia-7-days.html, It was very nice!
  2. yeah, i'm had a great time in Cambodia, from the moment we were greeted by our smiling tuk-tuk driver at the Siem Reap Airport, Cambodia completely stole our hearts, promise to return I joined a cooking class to make fish amok, here it is
  3. woww, this made me miss my trip to cambodia last year
  4. khmer food is sooooooooooooo yummy, i booked a culinary tour in Cambodia & join a cooking class, after class, they gave me recipe book
  5. i even dont have a smartphone, just write down to my notebook
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