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  1. Here is my end report on the bug problem we had thank you guys for all the help: Mites on cured meat and how to prevent them Exposure – mites get to the meat product either traveling on humans or on insects like flies. They may live and breed in grains, flour and other food products. A single mite female lays up to 800 eggs in a life cycle that last about 2 ½ weeks. Usually this is a surface problem only. Solutions: The room needs to be cleaned and scrubbed properly. It needs to be sanitised and cracks needs to be filled. The meat needs to be trimmed and surfaces needs to be regu
  2. Hi thank you for the reply. These are things we are already taking into action we are regulary deep cleaning the room with a pressure hose and we have now tirmmed all out meat to carve out any infected areas, Staff that is allowed into the room is being limeted aswell in order to prevent contamination. We have moved any other items that we have stored here before like our fermentation expriments and other things. The room is now strictly only for meat. After reading the link you sent I can say that i am quite sure that it is mites that are our problem. We have used the same curing mix for a wh
  3. Hi! i am working at a restaurant in south africa where we are curing our own meet. We are having a problem with tiny little white bugs (they look almost like lice) that are inside our leg hams. Does anyone know what they are and how we should get rid of them. the picture attached is the damage they have done on one of our legs.
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