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  1. Great stuff! I've just begun my quest for good GF bread. After having some gluten free bread at Per Se i NYC i know it is possible to have some amazing bread without gluten. So thank you for all your hard work. Im gonna do some experiments and try to join in. Has anyone of you tried any gluten substitutes like the "Freedom gluten replacement"? /D
  2. Hello everyone! Figured I'd register an account and not just lurk around in the background. Im a foodie from Stockholm, Sweden. Not as sharp in the kitchen as I wish I was, but when competing with friends I find myself winning most of the time. I think this is more due to knowing where to find great tips like on this forum. Also I love trying out new restaurants. But I think I've become a bit spoiled lately and keep finding really annoying small things to complain about. Regards David
  3. Meat cooked SV is awesome, but for a rookie I can understand if the 72 hour recipies you find will give you a bit of a scare. I find fish to be really rewarding since it doesn't take that long. 20 minutes for a piece of cod is fast and easy.
  4. Was on vacation in NYC in april and visited Momofuku Ko. Have to say it was really good. To add something new. My girlfriend really liked it as well, and she can't eat lactose or gluten, but they gave her an incredible experience. Some of her dishes actually seemed better than mine. So if you have someone with dietary preferences, don't hesitate to go there.
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