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  1. Nerissa, I am from Vancouver, Canada - west coast, so the nearest Le Crueset factory outlet is in Oregon - alas. However, there are many stores selling Le Crueset so I am sure I can come up with some sort of deal. Thanks Fat Guy for the tip on the previous thread. Reading it jogged my memory about handles that I did not like on a previous dutch oven. I will pay more attention to them on whatever purchase I make. I have seen the dutch/french ovens with the ice cube tops - does it really work? I am going on the "hunt" this weekend. We have a local warehouse that sells quality kitchen equipment at discount prices, so I will check them out first, then look around at all the other usual places.
  2. Thanks guys - you have helped me alot. I am a new poster so my first experience here was great! You have helped me make the decision to Le Crueset, I think. After 30+ years of cooking I guess it is time to treat myself. The hardest decision is if I want my bottom rounded, oval or heart shaped! LOL , plus making myself wait until I can get a good sale!
  3. I don't think I want a rounded bottom (mine is already tooooooooo rounded - lol) Actually, because I want to be able to brown in the dutch oven I think I would prefer to have a reguar bottom. I think I will have a look at Le Crueset - 4/12 or 5/12 qt. I have heard of people getting great deals on these at yard sales/second hand stores, but I never seem to have that kind of luck. Will look for a sale perhaps.
  4. I live in Canada (Vancouver) so I don't think I have access to the ChefMate that I have seen discussed. Would prefer something deep rather than shallow I think. That is why I was thinking of a Dutch Oven style. The reason that I am looking is my last attempt was in my 25 year old roasting pan which has worn very thin and the chicken cattiatore was saved just before the burnt stage - with company waiting in the dining room! Was wondering about the weight of Le Crueset once a 4 1/2 qt or so if full of food. Perhaps I can skip the gym workout for that day!
  5. I am an experienced home cook, serious about cooking and wanting to buy good equipment - although I am not a professional chef by any means. I am looking for a quality braising pan/dutch oven - something that I can use for browning on top of the stove and then put in the oven to bake for a couple of hours, then put back on top of the stove for thickening - for use with stews, casseroles etc. What would you suggest? Currently I have a motley collection of saucepans - different favorites for different uses - some All Clad stainless steel saucepans & one All Clad non stick fry pan, a 30 year old enambled cast iron saute pan wedding gift and my grandmother's three cast iron fry pans. However, I am missing a good dutch oven or braising pan. Help! Have been looking at Le Crueset or All Clad. Any suggestions are welcome
  6. About 300 including wine books. This is my first post - what a great topic
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