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  1. Are there any Japanese food magazines (or cookbooks) that would include furigana, maybe those targeted for kids? I really can't read any kanji yet but I like to practice reading where I can, and I think that would be fun.
  2. I have such a hard time finding hangar steak that I'd go to the store and get a nice piece of chuck, or even use pork butt. I know beef is traditional, but anyone else ever use pork? ← I almost always do half beef and half pork. The pork makes it better, in my opinion.
  3. Yes, we focus a lot on the pitch accent in my class, so I didn't want to say the wrong thing! I can't read or type Japanese characters on my computer at home, so I just romanized it.... Thank you!
  4. Wow, that is some hellafied cornbread right there. *drool* I only eat the Jiffy with chili because for some reason that taste combination reminds me of my childhood (which, sadly, consisted largely of Freezer Queen meals, so you can see where the Jiffy cornbread would've been a source of excitement). I also, shamefully I'm sure, usually make my chili with ground meat. I used chuck and pork shoulder last time, and it was good, but it wasn't what I wanted, you know?
  5. I saw Tabasco brand soy sauce at the grocery store the other day! I didn't buy any but I will soon. Is this available in Japan? It may actually have been Kikkoman or something but it had a big Tabasco label on it and it said "spicy".
  6. Ooh, chili. I'll play, probably this weekend; Lord knows the weather here is practically screaming for chili. The recipe I use is a modified version of one that (I think) came from Sara Moulton. It's not terribly adventurous but it tastes good to me. And I always, always have Jiffy cornbread to go with.
  7. I made the S&B Medium-Hot curry for dinner tonight. I used beef cubes, a LOT of onions, potatoes, and carrots, and half tomato juice, half water. I've got leftovers (with rice) for lunch tomorrow. One question: How do you pronounce "karee" in Japanese? Is it KA-ree or ka-REE? (I have Japanese class first thing in the morning and they usually ask about my lunch so I would like to be able to say the word correctly.... )
  8. I want some Ishikari nabe now! It's still way too hot to eat anything like that but I'd love to find a recipe for the winter. Edited: Oh! I just found smallworld's excellent post here. I will definitely try this out on one of the first cold days.
  9. This is not really a food question, but I am curious about the "shake" pronunciation. Is it dialect-related? (Since I have been taking Japanese for all of two weeks, all I know is that we've been told that "si" is really "shi" but I haven't heard yet that "sa" becomes "sha", so I was just curious.) Anyway, now I want some onigiri!
  10. Hee! That's a good idea. Maybe I will make some tonkatsu on Friday or Saturday.
  11. Woohoo! Thanks I just sauteed the salmon. I used some Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning (a commercial spice blend) and cooked it in the same pan I had used for the onions. I admit this is my fallback easy-to-prepare meal. I think tomorrow I am going to make omuraisu for my bento I've never had it but it actually sounds pretty good.
  12. I really want some tonkatsu, and soon! Last time I made it, though, the breading didn't come out right. I think I need an oil thermometer (which I don't have - can you believe it?!).
  13. I thought I would add some photos of the bento I made for lunch today. It's not very good, but it was my first try. I have a little tiny bento box, which I think is for little kids - it has Nyago on it. This is the outside: Inside I have some rice, which I totally messed up (too much water, not enough rinsing), with some nori on top. Also salmon, pan-fried onions, carrots, and the kyuuri no kyu-chan from Hiroyuki's recipe - these are delicious! The picture doesn't look very good, though.
  14. What a thread. I am now craving some good seafood, which is something that's hard to get in Pittsburgh. I am curious about the scallop rules in the US. Why is it illegal to bring anything but the... I forget, adductor muscle? back in? I may have missed that explanation.
  15. I remember liking the US school lunches when I was in elementary school, and we also participated in the lunch program over the summer (for lower-income families - you would go to the cafeterias and could get breakfast and lunch either for free or about 40 cents). I don't know if it was just that I had poor taste at the time or what, but ground beef in gravy over mashed potatoes was kind of tasty! By the time my youngest sister was in high school it was all pizza/chicken nuggets, that kind of thing. I think a lot of what happened is that they made more variety available so the quality of all the food suffered, because how can you make ten different things for that many people and do ANY of it well?
  16. Ah, family holidays. This year I don't even know if my family will bother having Thanksgiving; I took charge of it for five or six years, mostly because my mom doesn't even enjoy cooking (and, much as I love her, is kind of a terrible cook). Last year my mom did the dinner, and everyone sat around looking glum, but that's true no matter who cooks the food. This year, my youngest sister's moved to Florida, and my middle sister is probably too busy to show up. Too bad, because Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. That's why my boyfriend and I are going to celebrate the FOURTH OF THANKSJUGIVING, aka the holiday halfway between the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. This way, we get to have fireworks, a turkey (with sparklers stuck in it?), stuffing, blueberry pie, potato salad, and any other good food that springs to mind. We get to celebrate with our friends, and we'll still be free on the Actual Holiday of Thanksgiving to spend time with our families. So if it's just about having the food, make up another holiday and celebrate with friends then! I don't LIKE spending time with my family but it's important.
  17. jeniac42


    Sriracha aka Hot Cock Sauce (to avoid confusion) is good on everything. Period. I have eaten it on chocolate ice cream and recommend this to anyone. The first time I tried it on plain canned tuna fish, I thought it wasn't very good, but as it turns out I simply wasn't using enough of it. Also delicious on any snack food. In desperate cases, I will eat it straight out of the bottle.
  18. I am a saltaholic. I drink pickle juice, olive brine, I eat tomatoes with salt on them and drink the juice off the plate. I also like Nutella on a spoon. Butter, especially steaks with butter. Cheese. Bacon. Chicken wings. I don't think any of these things are that bad, per se, but I tend to overindulge in them. And sometimes, really crappy Tastykakes.
  19. Wow, I need to spend more time here, because I've totally missed this thread until now. I'm moving a bunch of stuff into my new apartment today and the ice cream maker is coming over in the first batch, so I can get the bowl in the freezer (I have the Cuisinart) and make some ice cream tonight. For the person who was looking for a good caramel ice cream recipe, I recommend the one from Simple to Spectacular by Mark Bittman and Jean-Georges Vongerichten. It's got that burnt-caramel flavor - almost more like coffee than milk caramel. I haven't made ice cream in a couple of years. Wonder what I'll make first? Maybe just a simple vanilla-bourbon would be good.
  20. Wait, you can buy gulab jamun in a can?! I need to find some of this. I use canned tomatoes like everyone else, tomato paste, also canned broths sometimes. I eat tuna fish of the cheap variety out of cans on at least a weekly basis. Anchovies, sardines, etc. Beans - I rarely have the foresight to soak them. I am still trying to get back to cooking at home regularly after a year with a roommate who destroyed the kitchen so thoroughly I gave up on it, so, you know. I confess that I think Campbell's is the only way to go for tomato soup, and around Thanksgiving I like to make the horrific green bean casserole with canned green beens, cream of mushroom soup, and French fried onions. It's not good, but it sure wouldn't be the same thing with fresh ingredients. Other than that I don't think I use much out of a can, except curry pastes, coconut milk, chipotles, etc that I don't know how to buy any other way.
  21. I'll be driving through Buffalo next weekend and I'm on a mission to find the best wings. Anchor Bar? Brennan's? Any other suggestions? We'll only have time to hit one place, most likely.
  22. jeniac42

    Dinner! 2005

    Let's catch up... Sunday I had some really good stuffed pork chops, mostly from the recipe in Cook's Illustrated last month. I did the stuffing with red onions, dried plums (har har), port, orange juice, and vinegar. Roasted potatoes, too. Somehow we also managed to drink the entire rest of the bottle of port.... Yesterday I made fried chicken and potato salad. The fried chicken turned out OK, considering I've never fried anything on my stupid new electric stove before and I didn't have a meat OR oil thermometer. Unfortunately this was for a picnic and we didn't adequately wrap the chicken so it got water all over it from the ice and was therefore soggy. Today was chicken and waffles! No gravy, though.
  23. I was actually thinking about the Go Anywhere from Weber, which is rectangular in nature. I guess I might just have to wait until next year when I can afford a bigger grill. TARNATION! I was looking forward to balcony/beer/butt on these hot summer days.
  24. This thread reminds me that I totally need some butt. Soon. I was wondering: I do not currently have a charcoal grill. I was considering the purchase of one of the small Webers (the really small ones, you know?) and I wonder if they would be big enough to smoke small butts. Any opinions? I'm pretty sure the answer is going to be a big "hell no" but it's worth a shot, I think....
  25. Pizza. (Or, at least, pizza with red sauce. GUUUH.)
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