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    Holiday Nibbles

    Medjool Dates are beautiful and easy to come by this time of year. You can stuff them with just about anything and get very creative. I often use cream cheese with grated orange peel, sweetened ever-so-slightly with some XXX sugar. I split the larger dates in two, fill with the cheese, then roll in toasted pecan pieces. I dip some half-way in melted dark chocolate (with or without nuts). For savory, I use goat cheese mixed with fresh mint...a quick zest of lemon on top works well with the savory ones. I keep the ingredients on hand for the entire season; you can whip up a batch in a few minutes when you get some holiday drop-ins.
  2. Shel, please post the Meyer lemon panna cotta recipe (I have a tree full of Meyers). I'm leaning towards this tart recipe that has sliced Meyer lemons on top. Have not worked with Meyers before but have read they are thinner skinned than regular lemons and hopefully their skin is tender enough to use this way. http://www.marthastewart.com/857659/rustic-meyer-lemon-tart
  3. We moved to a home in FL this year, and the Meyer lemon trees in the yard are ripe. I've googled recipes but have never used Meyers before. Anyone have a recipe they've used before and liked?
  4. I have not seen the updated version "Essentials.." so cannot compare. The original version is a good read. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Ms. Kennedy a few years ago in connection with a small gathering for a book-signing in a private home (I was living in Mexico at the time and writing a recipe column in an expat publication). Her (then) new book was Oaxaca Al Gusto. I have the Spanish language version and it is delightful, especially since we traveled to Oaxaca on 3 occasions and find that Mexican cuisine to be the most interesting. It is available in English, of course.
  5. I have done goose in the past. But lately we've done deep fried turkey, which you cannot stuff, so we make the meal a Cajun Classic and guests bring sides like dirty rice, collard greens, okra, sweet potatoes, corn maque choux. I bake a pan of oyster bienville stuffing. It's a fun change of pace from the routine TDay meal. And....my DH who hates roast turkey, loves the deep fried version, as do all the guests. It's a treat!
  6. In pic, to right of sink, you have some free standing stacked storage. But they aren't taking full advantage of that space. Why not ditch the small units and add shelves there that take up the full space?
  7. I have an earlier version of this indoor turkey fryer (mine holds up to a 14 pound bird). I wouldn't mind trading up to this new model that holds a 20 pounder. http://www.amazon.com/Masterbuilt-23011114-Butterball-Electric-Capacity/dp/B00BWKN0HC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1415737642&sr=8-1&keywords=turkey+fryer+indoors I do 'stocking stuffers' with our foodie friends; this year we've all been focused on tapas. So I'm giving out these (I have one and it works great): http://www.amazon.com/Seki-Quail-Egg-Shell-Cutter/dp/B000AR2J5M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1415737872&sr=8-1&keywords=quail+egg+cutter
  8. It's a horrible policy on a few different levels. There's the economic strategy that others have discussed. But there's also the legal implication. As a couple, we have a one-drink maximum rule for the designated driver; it's a matter of safety and public responsibility. And it's not that we don't enjoy a cocktail and sharing a bottle of wine during an evening out...we do! In fact, we purposely moved (after retirement) to locales where we can walk to great eateries every night, so that we may indeed imbibe without worries about driving home. Taxis in our last 2 retirement towns were not an option (too small an area). We realize this bar is not requiring you to drink both cocktails, but they are requiring you to pay for them, so it's only human nature that most folks will drink both of them.
  9. gulfporter


    Yeah, saw that one. Just wondering if others have made it and lived to tell their tale.
  10. gulfporter


    Anyone have a tried and true recipe. Looking for a simple yet safe method, do not want to hang outdoors. TIA.
  11. Count me as another broccoli hater, but cauliflower adorer. I also saute chopped cauliflower in olive oil until almost caramelized, then add butter and panko until well-browned; sprinkle liberally over fettuccine alfredo.
  12. At least that's the take from the Food Section of this week's Washington Post. They included a recipe for 'Cauliflower Rice' by Ellie Krieger, in which grated cauliflower is the only 'rice' in the dish. My DH and I are big cauli fans. We use whipped cauli as faux mashed potatoes (and have had to convince guests they aren't real spuds). We also cut large thin slices of the whole head, smear with olive oil and s&p, then grill...they look like a large cross-section of a brain specimen and the grill marks against the white flesh is very appealing. What are you doing with cauliflower these days?
  13. I use a hummingbird feeder brush.
  14. Author missed the boat on Pennsylvania pizza. Any of the numerous pizzerias in Old Forge should have made the list. I grew up in Scranton and we went to Old Forge weekly. It wasn't until I was in college in NY that I saw a round pizza. I thought, wow, that's different. See here for story on Old Forge pizza: http://slice.seriouseats.com/archives/2013/08/old-forge-pennsylvania-pizza.html
  15. Maybe at a cocktail party, but if you call a doctor's office, the answer you'll get is 'make an appointment.' Lawyers/architects may as a business strategy offer an initial 'free' consult, but those meetings are pretty vague, filled with lots of 'I can help you with that.' They aren't going to file a writ or give you blueprints for free. From a customer standpoint, 'tastes' will bog down restaurant service; picture a few tables of 6 where everyone asks to taste a different salsa, a sauce, a salad dressing, a soup, while the rest of us customers wait to get our orders taken! And where does it stop...."I'd like a taste of your prime rib to see if it's tender enough for me."
  16. Having lived in a foreign country, I'd hesitate sending food overseas that was not pre-packaged. It may not make it through customs.
  17. EXACTLY!! In fact, many of my most memorable meals are the ones where afterward, I find myself saying, "I really didn't think I'd like this."
  18. You don't say if you are doing this for weight loss purposes, but if you are, here's my story. I fell victim to middle-age spread. Gained about 5 pounds a year, between ages 40 and 48. It happened so slowly; but in the end I was 40 pounds overweight. Got fed up when I went shopping and realized I was a size 14. Here's how I lost the weight (rather painlessly) and went from size 14 to size 6 in about 4 months. I used salad plates for all my meals. I continued to cook 'regular' meals for myself and my husband, but I ate ONE portion on a salad plate. Whatever would fit, that was it. I'm 62 now, and a size 8. Whenever my scale goes up more than 2 pounds, I go back to the salad plate. Works like a charm. No weighing food, no special low fat diet, no separate meals for me and hubby.
  19. We lived in Virginia for 30+ years (my husband is a native). For 9 years we lived in Culpeper and bought this man's wonderful ham. It's the REAL deal. I have never ordered from him online, but I highly recommend his ham and business practices; he is a true Virginia Gentleman. See what Patrick O'Connell of the Inn at Little Washington says about Calhoun's. BTW...Calhoun was featured in a Saveur cover recipe. http://www.calhounhams.com/ And, why in the world would anyone order a real Virginia ham from anywhere outside of Virginia??
  20. I cannot fathom anyone asking for a taste from the kitchen. It's rude, crude and socially unattractive. I'd guess those that do are cheapskates AND hard-to-please and not very likely to return to the eatery, anyway.
  21. This is our first Halloween at our new home and we aren't sure we'll get any trick-or-treaters (no young kids in immediate neighborhood). I asked a neighbor and she said not to expect many, but she has gotten a few halloween-ers in the past, but often none at all. Since it's likely that whatever treats I buy will end up being eaten by us, I'm going with individual packs of Goldfish, peanut butter crackers, Oreo minis....the sort of stuff we keep in the car in case we need a quick snack on the run. We don't like milk chocolate at all, and most kiddies don't like dark chocolate so I'll skip the candy this year.
  22. Is the Kraft (or Land of Lakes for that matter) white American cheese at the deli counter that you get sliced to order, real cheese or processed cheese? That's the cheese I use for mac n cheese; I thought that was 'real' cheese as opposed to the processed cheese in the pre-wrapped singles. But maybe it's not???
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