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  1. Thanks, made them twice since. The first night I baked them (only one log), my hubby finished them off in a sitting, and he's not a big chocolate fan. Whipped up a batch of Corniest Corn Muffins for breakfast today, fast and delicious; corn muffins and breads are something for which I never could find a decent recipe. Hubby LOVED those.
  2. I finally made the World Peace Cookies and I don't know what I was waiting for. I also belong to the 'spread all over the baking sheet' cookie club, but the freezing and slice and bake method was a revelation. they even kept their edges, prettiest cookies I ever made.
  3. I'm so glad this thread is still here! I made the coconut tea cake, and it's just cooled enough to eat a slice, pure heaven. I was a bit worried when it was baking because it didn't rise very much, but no worries, it's perfect.
  4. My mother belongs to the white/yellow/orange cheese weirdness. I always have a block of Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar in the fridge. And I honestly don't pay attention to what color I buy. Some stores have white, some have orange, I don't care. If I have the white, she doesn't eat it. Fine, BUT she purchases deli american cheese regularly and ONLY gets white. explain that one. I had a roommate who claimed she'd never tasted tuna (as in canned,) olives, or mushrooms. Nor would she. I made a puttanesca once which turned out quite tasty; she was interested since it smelled "like pizza," but wouldn't touch it once she learned it had olives and anchovies in it. This same roommate was on Atkins when it had its big rebirth a bit over a decade ago. I was eating a lot of D'artagnan or Trois Petite Cochon pates back then, and worrying about how fattening and unhealthful they were. She claimed they were fine, "Read the book!" no thanks. ETA: thought of a couple more: a friend's hubby has a variation on the no-mixing food thing. He eats each item on his plate completely before moving on to the next. And he knows it's a neurosis, doesn't care, and doesn't try to explain it. A guy i used to date refused to allow me to eat liver or goat with him ("goats eat shit."). I felt like Laurie Colwin who couldn't eat squid in its ink with her husband. (off topic - I live a few blocks away from where LC lived. The restaurant where she got the squid is also gone, 'hood just isn't the same anymore.)
  5. This morning someone fed me a bit of a blue substance from the center of his Dunkin Donuts bagel, which I assume was supposed to be blueberry cream cheese. NAAYYYSTY. howevah, I love that fake blue raspberry flavor. Slush Puppies, Otter Pops, that blue Rose's brand crap to drizzle in a margarita, yum. Jello and Kool Aid came in 'blue' for about five minutes maybe a decade + ago.
  6. Tried the limited edition Green Tea. So mild you can barely taste the green tea flavor.
  7. Oh I love it. BUT....I think they should ditch the actual caramelized pears and add more pecans. The pint I ate had about two pecans in it. The pear ice cream itself is amazing. I like Sticky Toffee Pudding, but i don't think it tastes anything at all like actual sticky toffee pudding. My new favorite is Belgian Chocolate. it's like regular chocolate ice cream with ground cocoa nibs in it. probably the least sweet chocolate ice cream i've ever tasted. I loved Mayan chocolate at first taste, but I thought the fudge swirl made it waaay too sweet.
  8. I'm reading this whole thread thinking Funyuns instead of Munchos and wondering what's wrong with all of you.
  9. "Tony! The rollateen!" That still cracks me up. And I laughed the other night at Paulie offering to get Tony some food from Baja Fresh, pronouncing the J. somehow I don't think that's the sort of comfort food Tony needed.
  10. Yeah, I was way off with my opinion. Monday night around 11pm, there was a line out the door.
  11. I love original Gardenburgers and I always have a box of Weaver Chicken Rondelets in the freezer. I eat both items with cheddar cheese and hot peppers on a toasted english. There was a frozen burrito I used to buy frequently, in both beef and chicken, can't remember the brand, I think maybe Don Julio...maybe not....but it's disappeared. and I'm sad.
  12. Managers and sous chefs are generally salaried employees and in my humble opinion, have NO RIGHT to a cut of any tips. I love the pooling system, but keep in mind that in a lot of restaurants, that tip pool also goes to bussers, bartenders and the runners...so a single waiter will end up with significantly less than what he himself made that night. At my last job, a manager who had been promoted from a waiter took a full cut of the tips one night when we were short staffed. He did work a full station, but I was furious. He's a manager, you do what you can to make sure the place runs well. And he's paid the same for his shift no matter what's going on.
  13. And again, I cannot imagine the restaurant winning should the customer dispute the charge. I agree that asking for a CC number is a good way to inspire people to cancel instead of just no showing; as long as the restaurant doesn't actually plan to ever collect any money. And that example quoted is just outrageous. Several days notice?? shit happens. I wouldn't go there.
  14. Add me to the list of people who feel the restaurant worker was rude and that anyone and everyone has a right to cancel last minute if necessary...not just parents with young children. Like a waiter getting stiffed on a tip, it's a risk a restaurant owner takes and sometimes cannot be helped. To be fair, I work in an extremely busy place where no shows or cancellations on weekend nights usually cause relief since walk in business is always very strong. I question the use of collecting a CC number and charging a guest for a no show. Can a restaurant get away with this practice? if it happened to me I would dispute the charge and since they don't have a signature or evidence of my swiped card I imagine I would easily win the dispute.
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