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  1. Bordier Butter is the thing I miss most...
  2. I am curious as to why people are thinking it is spleen. The spleen is a viscus, its parenchyma is spongy and trabecular and there is no "muscle" like what is on that piece of meat. In regards to the OP, I am not sure of the answer. The caul, from my best guess looks to be omenta. In the human the greater omentum attaches the to the greater curvature of the stomach and the Spleen (as it forms from the dorsal mesogastrium) and in adults, attaches to the anteroinferior aspect of the traverscolon (though I don't know if such an event occurs in bovines). As that piece of meat looks like muscle....I would say it is some part of the abdominal wall or a pre-vertebral muscle. Although that is on the basis that it is greater omentum...which is just a guess Edit: Wow...probably should have zoomed in...guess it is spleen after all. From the thumbnails it looked like Skeletal muscle...my bad
  3. You broke it down into muscular compartments, not individual muscles... There are some muscles in the ovine hindlimb that actually don't do much "work" so perhaps the one you cooked up was one of those. Good job though! It is something I do regularly and I find by not disrupting the myofibrils, I loose way less moisture, while still being able to break it down into manageable pieces
  4. Mendel C-k

    Roasting Quails

    Sorry, but could you please elaborate? This has peaked my interest
  5. Mendel C-k

    Roasting Quails

    This is one of the first recipes I created as a kid...stopped making it ages ago when I learnt I had Celiac Make a stuffing by sautéing onion and celery in copious butter and oil (bread soaks it up). Once translucent, add stale bread pieces, chives, rosemary, sage and grated parmesan and then allow to cool. Stuff each quail with the stuffing and then wrap in a layer of procuitto. Roast in a 180c over for 20-25m It was enjoyed by all who ate it
  6. You're right. I was talking about the mixture rather than just myoglobin, which is a component of it. Sorry for the thread takeover. In regards to duck brest, is the an optimum method to render after sous vide, and has anyone had any experience removing the skin, removing some of the fat from underneath, then readhering with TG?
  7. Myoglobin is just a protein, very similar to Haemoglobin, that carries oxygen within myocytes. Osmazome is a volatile compound that invokes umami, though it is archaic. The sarcoplasm is the intracellular cytoplasm of myocytes and thus the main contributor to the liquid released during cooking
  8. Chez Michel by Thierry Breton...every time I've been to Paris I go there
  9. Did beef cheeks for 60h @ 56c and final 12h at 54, finished in cast iron with ghee and served with puree of cauliflower and double extracted jus with persillade and deep fried jerky crisps. Was good.
  10. That steak is from the more caudal end and thus the "strip" portion has a smaller longissimus portion and more other muscles. Between the muscles will be thin facial membranes (that will be tough) but the larger "lines" you see are still just fat.
  11. Hmm, it would be unlikely that it is a tendon. The strip section represents the epaxial muscles and thus is actually a composition of my different muscles : Splenius, Spinalis, Iliocostalis, Longissimus, Semispinalis, Multifidus and rotatores. Which muscles are present will depend on which vertebral level the steak is taken from. A picture would help, but my guess is that it is a bit a facia between the erector spinae and transversospinalis.
  12. Oysters Asparagus with Yolk, Pancetta, and Marrow Sauce (Marrow, capers, shallot, anchovy, garlic, mustard, butter, verjus) and some picked radishes Serratus ventralis (beef rib) with cauliflower puree, demi glace, 4 hour roast carrot and parsnip, marrow, and persilade (Parsley, shallot, garlic, mustard, anchovy, capers, EVOO) Persimmon and strawberry compote (with vanilla, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, orange and lemon) with gin and tonic granita, candied ginger and caramel and macadamia Sorry about the large photos...my plating could do with some work but it tasted pretty good.
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