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  1. I have visited the site,thanks for sharing it.
  2. The Omega 8006 juice has a powerful commercial motor, this juice extractor thoroughly chews up plant fibers to fully extract vitamins, enzymes, and minerals from fruits and vegetables.Go for it,
  3. I always do cold water thawing but yes refrigerator thawing is believed to be better than any other thawing method.Refrigerator thawing takes 24 hours to defrost every 5 pounds of frozen food like ham or turkey.And major advantage of this method is you do not need to cook the food right away if you change your plan not to cook, and it can be kept in fridge for additional 2-3 days after being thawed. And in cold water thawing you have to cook immediately after it gets thawed.
  4. pressure cooker is the option here.
  5. ofcourse the the jars need to be closed.but not so tight.
  6. this is new for me.I have never made ricotta goat cheese.
  7. also known as rice bran extract, you can shrink your body by regularly using it.it is believed to be the world's healthiest edible oil.
  8. yeah it is difficult to buy.
  9. yeah, wondra flour is used in baking recipes.it is finely ground flour which is of type instant flour that dissolves in water instantly.have not u tried it getting online? or consult warehouses which do wholesaling.
  10. Essential oils are used to flavor the food and drinks. they have many medicinal benefits, also they are used to massage, cleaning solutions, as remedy to cure cancer.try Eucalyptus oil, it is just awwesome.
  11. Flavoured oils are not cheap and they need to be kept at proper refrigerated temperature.for example Oils flavored with garlic, herbs, or dried tomatoes or combinations of these ingredients pose a health hazard if not kept refrigerated.
  12. i have used both,i found both good.
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