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  1. I'm sorry I didn't see this thread before posting my experience in a new thread, but I also carbonized 2 batches of bananas and spent an hour trying to clean the cooker. Also, in the pie recipe, the coffee was way too strong. As a result, the recipe was a failure. I tried high and low heat, still just burned the bananas. Was I to be adding water? I'd sure like to make this work. If it did, is the banana flavor stronger so it is not buried by coffee cream flavor? Thanks, Steve
  2. Hi All, I made the banana cream pie this weekend and tried to follow the recipe exactly. The crust came out fine, as did the caramelized banana topping. The coffee infused cream came out, but the coffee flavor vastly overpowers the banana purée. The real issue was the pressure cooked banana. My first attempt led to pure charcoal. On the second attempt, I used 28 min and did not even let it get to 15 psi ever. The result was half charcoal, half reddish bananas. I ultimately just cooked them in a pan, but the flavor was still mild enough it was tough to know if it was banana cream pie or coffee cream. The pressure cooked banana failed entirely, just carbonized them in 2 tries, even with low heat and less time. I can cut the coffee beans way back, but what is going wrong with the banana? Thanks, Steve
  3. Hi All, I just finished reading MCAH and learned a great deal from it. I am anxious to try the techniques and am looking into the purchase of sous vide gear. My girlfriend is a vegetarian. As I read MCAH, there does not seem to be the interest in cooking vegetables to the degree there is for meat. Is sous vide cooking less appropriate for vegetarian cooking? My hesitance in the purchase of the gear is that I might be buying a device unsuited for what I need to cook. Are there better sources for cooking vegetables sous vide or is it just the wrong technique? Thanks, Steve
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