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    Saeco machines

    JUNK! JUNK! JUNK! Don't buy one! You can't get them worked on, and they have poor service! Saeco is terrible in North America! Don't buy one! Please dont! Eric RestaurantEdge.com
  2. Being a "gastronaut" in Japan is a wonderful thing.
  3. The Beard Foundation is having many of the same problems that some restaurant associations are experiencing. One of the things that have happened, is that many of these organizations or trade groups have become more wrapped up in making money, then sticking to principle. For example, my company is a member of 4 state restaurant associations. There's a huge difference in the way they go about business. For one, two of these associations offer nothing about what is going on in the business. Rather, we get tons of mail, e-mail, etc. that are promotions for events. Sure, we could all go to more golf outings, fundraising dinners, or sponsor some other event. But at the tune of $500 a year or more, I'd rather have information from the groups that are lobbying our state legislatures on the changes that are important to restaurant operators. A state restaurant association should be able to provide you with details that are important to your business. This is why people join them, right? By this, I can see why the Beard Foundation would be having a difficult time. It makes sense to me in many regards. Eric RestaurantEdge.com
  4. emhahn


    Where on earth is such a place located? Eric RestaurantEdge
  5. Any restaurant is capable of being good one night, and bad the next. Survey's are always subjective. Always......
  6. Out of curiosity....... Does anyone think that RestaurantEdge should do a restaurant guide? Afterall, I've been asked. However, the amount of work that would go into to it would be astounding. I'm willing to create such a beast if people would help me do it. Currently, we link out to other guides available. Which sucks if you think about it. Any ideas? Eric RestaurantEdge.com
  7. Ecolab and Lysol are both working right now to develop a formula that will kill the SARS virus....... Ecolab Story Lysol Story
  8. Hey Nero, I'm not a Kalamazooan, I'm a Charlevoixan...... However, I've spent some time down there with friends etc. They still have good bands at Club Soda?
  9. We had a nice thaw here today Maggie.......
  10. Hey Nero.... Depends on which end of Westnedge your on.......
  11. Let's see here Dave, that would be somewhere around Torch Lake I guess, right...... I'm in Charlevoix..........
  12. Being way up here on northern Lake Michigan, it's Whitefish and Morels. Hands down...... Eric RestaurantEdge
  13. OK........ sorry......... Let me back up a second here......... Maybe this question is not "knowable"? However, I've heard some really, really good experience being said on this thread! If I could hand out medals for knowledge, there would be some given on this thread! This is why eGullet kicks so much ass it's not even funny! Good exprerience floating around here! No doubt about it! Eric www.RestaurantEdge.com
  14. This argument has recycled itself twice already...... The original question I asked was this: There are three things that are most important about each plate that goes out: Presentation - *(undeniably important) Taste - *(also, undeniably important) Whether the food is HOT or it's COLD (also, undeniably important, duh!)! So, are we back to where we began, or is the frivolous detail going to stand in front of the original question? Just asking....... Eric www.RestaurantEdge.com
  15. What I meant by looking like shit (Fat Guy) is sloppy presentation...... i.e: The plate is dripping more sauce from the edge than the entre from the sides......... (I should have been more specific) Eric
  16. I always used this simple philosophy when I was training cooks in the kitchen. It seemed to work......... But I'd like other good ones if you've got them..... The three most important things about every plate that goes out of the kitchen are: *(and they're not in exact proportions) 1. Presentation is 50% - if it looks like shit, it's going to taste like shit. Presentation therefore is most important. 2. Taste Good is 25% - if it's burnt. Start over. If it's too salty. Start over. Every table has a salt & pepper shaker, go under to all regards. 3. If it's supposed to be hot, better be hot. If it's supposed to be cold, better be cold 25% - most important if it's supposed to be cold and got stuck under the heat lamp. Wilted anything doesn't look good, doesn't taste good, and isn't anything to be proud of...... Oh well, just a simple statement........ I'm up for hearing some other good examples if you've got some, throw on here...... Eric www.RestaurantEdge.com
  17. Chefg, That is way COOL! Congrats! Eric www.RestaurantEdge.com
  18. You're right Nick, This is a great site, and I hope to send a lot of people here!
  19. Whoops! Here's a link to the press release...... "The Restaurant"
  20. Will air this summer, NBC has scheduled 6 pilots (that we know of so far). NBC has contacted RestaurantEdge to help consult with the show . Will certainly make for interesting television! Eric www.RestaurantEdge.com
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