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  1. jmelanson said: Hi jmelanson, Have you tried using less Bromelain or none at all? That might work better for you and the meat might turn out less gluey.
  2. LFMichaud said: So as not to burn the counter, I first get out a thick wooden cutting board, or something else that is heat-resistant. Then I put a metal cookie sheet on it. On top of that, I put a low cooling rack, and place the meat on top. Make sure that you are only pointing the torch at the meat, holding it so the tip of the blue flame just touches the meat. You don't want to ever point it at the cookie sheet, because aluminum will warp and can actually be poisonous when it does so. And of course, make sure to store it properly and always keep it away from other heat sources.
  3. Eli_Lansey said: We use what is known as mild steel.
  4. Yes, it will work. In fact, using a gas oven is even better, because the heat cycle is faster in a gas oven (the amount of time it takes for the oven to reach the heat setting, go down, and then go back up).
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