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  1. I 3rd Willpowder... they are super awesome. I would also suggest l'epicerie and Le Sanctuarie. Although Modernist Pantry has some hard to find items that I haven't really seen anywhere else, their prices are well... a little bit pricey.
  2. Doug, The technique used will be dictated by what type of end result you wish to have. Using a cold oil/agartechniquesuch as what SuperJude suggested will produce completely firm solid gel spheres. Using sodium and calcium (spherification) will produce a product with a liquid center and a firm outside that will burst in your mouth. So it really depends on what you're going for.
  3. I've had the unit for nearly 2 years and like I said, haven't had any issues with it. I use it quite frequently for sealing stuff around the house and sometimes for use in sous vide. For the price you really can't beat it.
  4. You should buy the book "Frozen Desserts"... aside from some amazing recipes, you'll find a decent section of theory behind frozen desserts along with ratios. They also touch on the use of stabilizers and the effects that they have on your frozen product.
  5. I have owned this unit for the last year and a half and Iabsolutelylove it. I haven't had any issues with it and use it many times a week. It's perfect for keeping raw meats fresh. I also love using it for storing sauces and other creations for longer periods. The only hiccup that I've had (and always have had) is that you need to hold down the chamber lid when starting the vacuum to help create a seal and once it gets going, you can let it go. For the price I highlyrecommendthe machine!
  6. If you work in the F&B industry, you can apply to become a professional chef at W&S which scores you a 20% discount.... on everything. This drops the price of the circulator down to $640. This discount is awesome for all other purchases too.
  7. Although I don't know the pH of soy sauce off the top of my head, I have a pH tester and can check the pH of it, if you would like? The best way to tell is by using a pH tester. pH testers usually require calibration liquids to ensure that the meter is giving an accurate reading; some come with the calibration fluid, some don't. Welcome to the forums!
  8. After doing some more research into this, Lorann Oilsprimarilysellsartificialflavors, however if you are looking for natural essential oils, check outhttp://www.libertynatural.com/index.html .
  9. Probably will last indefinite if you store in the freezer or another dark cool place.
  10. Camhabib, From what I know, not allseparationtasks can be carried out at any force greater than 0g, but most can be done at somewhere near 4,000g. A specific example is the task of making lime juice sweet throughseparationwould requires something like 48,000g's according to an article that I was reading. Again, please correct me if I am wrong Joe
  11. Max, Can you use calcium chloride for tofu making? I know that gypsum or calcium sulfate is sometimes used but I haven't heard of calcium chloride being used. P.S. You guys are really awesome!
  12. I believe that you are a little bit confused too - Seattle Food Geek was saying that he prefers the "best edge-sealer" vacuum system which is sold by Sous Vide Supreme (the maker of the Sous Vide Supreme circulator). If you have a little bit bigger of a budget and are looking to buy a chamber vacuum sealer and not spend $2000 or more you might want to check out the VacMaster VP112 (Use google product search to find sites selling it). It will close you close to $600, but it is about the mostaffordable household chamber vacuum system. I love mine and have gotten so much use out of it outside of sous vide that I don't ever regret buying it. Either way good luck and if you have any other questions I'm sure we're all more then happy to help.
  13. Now if only most people and most recipes would adopt a metric based weight measuring system for listing ingredients life would become so much easier.
  14. You can also look at either vacuum aspirator - which recirculate water, very similar to what robert described... you can also find dry and oil driven vacuum pumps... although dry and oil pumps tend to be more expensive. I would look on ebay for a vacuum aspirator. I bought one from a government auction website for $65 and it achieves an ultimate vacuum of 20 mbars out of each port (2 ports).
  15. Peter, As Robert said, be careful when transporting Ln2 - I, myself never thought about letting my insurance company know that I am transporting Ln2 or also posting a sign on my vehicle indicating that I am transporting Ln2, so thanks Robert. As for uses, the book lists some of the uses; You can also find some other techniques at cooking issues - http://www.cookingissues.com/primers/liquid-nitrogen-primer/ . Although the book and cooking issues covers most of the techniques you can find some new ones here and there... also don't forget to use your imagination.
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